Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan-23: 6 Forks, Ghoston, Peed, MVC: A Loop ?

Where Did They Go?

I parked at BJP and began to get ready to ride. 
Then my mother called.
You have to talk to your mom.

Putting on my shoes, the phone rings again.  11:49 11:40.
Who is calling me NOW?
"Hello.  Martin, this is Harvey.  Will you guys wait for me if I'm a little late?"
"Maybe."  Click.

Finished putting on my shoes and something(s) else -- maybe my shell.
11:53 11:49.  Called Dave to mention Harvey's phone call.
Laurie answered.
"Is Dave still there?"
"No, he left about 10 minutes ago."
"Never mind.  Thanks anyway, Laurie."

I've got too many clothes on.
I remove the Polar Fleece top, and put the shell back on.
Helmet on.  Gloves on.
Approx 11:58, I roll out, headed to PUE.
Approx 12:02, reach the corner of Pleasant Union Ch Rd and Six Forks Rd.
On to PUE.

Saw only two cyclists on the two miles across to PUE.
Barely saw them as they were both in full ninja garb in a heavily shaded stretch of road.
One called out to me. 
I think to myself:  "Who was that?  Oh, I bet that was ... Donna."

Arrive at PUE.  I recognize two cars of people that started riding at 9 -- when it was about 22 degrees F.
I recognize Snapper's car.
Maybe I'll call them.
Darn.  My phone is still in the pocket of the Polar Fleece. 
Which is in my car.

What to do? 
I ride back to my car.  Get phone.
Someone had called.
Turned out it was Snapper. 
But he didn't leave a message.

So I called him and left a message:
"Hey, what route did you guys decide to do?  What time did you start?"
I looked at my watch after I left the message.  12:22.
I looked at the cycle confuser to see how long I had been riding.  21 minutes.
My estimates of when I had started seem validated.
There is no way they could have left PUE at Noon, or anything later than 11:52, and I wouldn't have seen them.

Oh, well. 
I decide to ride NC BR #1 to Rock Springs Rd, and take that back down to Old Weaver and back to BJP.
Unfortunately, there had been some "rubbage" against a particular part of the body on Saturday.
I could feel that there was more "rubbage" today.
Don't need to turn that into an abrasion or worse.
I been there before.
Once was once too often.

So I turned onto Ghoston, then Peed and MVC.
Looked at the clock on the cycle confuser -- 12:58.
Hmmn, maybe IvaN is there getting ready to ride.
He was.
We chatted.
Wished him good riding.

Rode back to BJP.
Short rides are nice sometimes.
Sometimes, short rides are necessary.
And sometimes, short rides are the smart thing to do.
Ricochet and Ags rode starting at 9 am.
IvaN told me that they got back to PUE after he arrived.
Noted that Ags looked COLD.
He didn't mention Ricochet or Robert.
Probably he was still ENTHUSIASTIC.

Maybe I'll get a report from Ricochet.
If so, maybe I'll append it.
Maybe I'll get a report from Snapper on his ride with Lt. Dave (and possibly Lee).
If so, maybe I'll append it.

BJP:  --> PUE --> BJP:  6 Forks - G-P-MVC; 15.4 m.; 1 hr, 6 min in-motion; 13.9 mph. 

Jan tot: __7 rides; __474.7 m.; _32 hrs, 47 min; 14.5 mph.
YTD tot: __7 rides; __474.7 m.; _32 hrs, 47 min; 14.5 mph.


  1. Snapper made his first call at 11:40am. Got to PUE at 11:58am. Called Neezer at 12:05 did not leave vm. Lt. Dave and the Red Rocket departed PUE at exactly 12:02pm (per MMR on the iPhone. We immediately took a left and made our way to Butner. Cool and in to a headwind all the way to Crazy Prison Road we ended up with a 3:12 hour ride at 15.7. Spoke to IvaN via IM at 3:17pm and he was just coming back from Creedmore. Alone. Cold. Fun day by all I guess. Oh, and the general thinking is not to worry about parking at PUE. Until they put up signs I'm going to continue to use that location as my starting point. Unless of course everyone else makes the move down the street.

  2. EDIT: left PUE at 12:07pm (two minutes after the last call)....

  3. "we immediately took a left"

    I thought the intended course would have meant "we immediately took a right". Which is why I was no longer in a hurry once I received a certain 10:40 phone call. I was expecting certain people to ride toward BJP from PUE.

    Okay, so I was on the commode in the BJP Visitor's Center when I received a certain 11:40 phone call. I had more important things to do than note the time at that moment.

    As for PUE ... I think it may be a reasonable starting point again. But as for right now ... that security person talked to me, at MY car, when the Wake County Deputy was parked across the way. I am going to be more circumspect ... at least for a while.

    Am I correct to understand that because the three of you rode a different course, IvaN was unable to intersect you three near Stem as planned?

  4. John and I left PUE around 9am with temps in the upper 20s. It took 30 mins to 1 hour to warm up but nothing too bad. We rode LT Short Hill Fun 44 mile route plus a few bonus miles for a total of 49/50 miles. I have a cue sheet for this without the miles. This is an excellent course with light traffic. While packing up, Ivan pulled in and we had the opportunity to talk. It sounds like there are a few IRs committed to ride Assault on Mt Mitchell including Ivan. A good ride today with a little burn in the legs. Robert

  5. I left PUE at 1:20 after chatting with Martin and getting the right clothes on.

    After being in 50 min spin classes for the last couple of months, being out on the open road felt great! My exuberance was high, attacking every hill and pedaling like a mad man.

    Made the left on Old Weaver, and the right on Whitt. Hmmm was I suppose to take that right on Dove as I blasted by it? Hmmm, dead end at Hwy 50, I think I was supposed to go right on Dove.

    Fortunately, the traffic on Hwy 50 was lite, and I blasted up the hills, and arrived at A&W Grocery at 2:35. By 3:00 I decided I must have missed the other guys by missing the route.

    The ride back started with being thoroughly chilled from the wet clothes and rush of cold air. After 10 miles, I was warmed up but could tell my legs didn't have the same snap. I laid back a bit, thinking I would kick it in on the G-P-MVC section. Half way
    up Ghoston, I knew this was not going to be good. This was followed by a hamstring cramp going up MVC.

    Lesson of the day: while spin classes are warmer, good for a cardio workout, improving spin
    rate, and technique, it is not a substitute for endurance riding.

    None the less: it was GREAT to be out riding.