Monday, January 17, 2011

Masthead Change

This post is solely for Andy, aka "sag"; he, the creator and maintainor of "RUSA Blogs" and renowned author of "sagittandy" (I don't understand why he has two "t"'s in that name), and HAL-geek creator of a map showing the locations of all Permanents (currently in "Beta" stage).

Why is this post for Andy? 

Answer:  While having dinner with Andy and "I-don't-blog" JayJay after Alan's October 2nd Morrisville 200 km Brevet , Andy pointed out that there was nothing on my blog that indicated WHERE I was located.  So ... I included "(north Raleigh, NC)" as part of the masthead.  I never liked the resulting look, but hadn't figured out how to be informative and have a "look" satisfying to me.  Last night, the solution came to me.  Thus the masthead has been changed, and this post is made.  The post is so that the blog will "pop" to the top of the "RUSA Blogs" list, and Andy will be tricked into checking it out.  Haha. 

See you on the road ... .

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