Friday, November 11, 2011

2012 NCBC (i.e., Raleigh) Brevets

DateDistance (km)Route
ContactWeb Site
NC: RaleighACP brevet2012/03/31200227Alan Johnsoninfo
NC: RaleighACP brevet2012/04/21300228Alan Johnsoninfo
NC: RaleighACP brevet2012/05/12400229Alan Johnsoninfo
NC: RaleighACP brevet2012/06/02600230Alan Johnsoninfo
NC: RaleighACP brevet2012/08/11200227Alan Johnsoninfo
NC: RaleighRUSA populaire2012/08/11100655Alan Johnsoninfo

The series is spaced at every three weeks instead of the every two weeks spacing of the last couple years.  That will give Alan a weekend off between each brevet instead of each weekend being either the worker's ride or the actual brevet.

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