Sunday, November 20, 2011

Excellent Cycling Companions, etc.

Two Excellent Cycling Companions
Thanks to "sag" (usual Permanent pedal-pal of the one in mostly-blue) for use of the photo. 
The above photo, with an interesting comparison of the two subjects (I'm admittedly occasionally biased in favor of the author of the comparison -- on the other hand, I frequently think the stuff from that author is just pure dreck -- is that a word?), appeared on this blog just a month ago.  I believe that the two subjects had met for the first time just minutes before the photo was taken.

Last night, at the NC Randonneurs year-end party, I was honored to be in the audience when the guy in the yellow jersey was named 2011-NC-Rookie of the Year, and the gal in the mostly-blue was named 2011-NC-Randonneuse of the Year.

Robert was on-hand to accept his award and congratulations from all.  One word to describe Robert (other than "Ricochet", I mean):  exuberant.

JayJay was out-of-town; in-person congratulations to her will have to wait until she gets back to North Carolina.  In the mean time:  Congratulations!  (I might have to find a way to do a Permanent or a Perm-Populaire with her to deliver the in-person congrats; either that or it may be awhile before I see JayJay.)  Two phrases to describe JayJay:  filled with rando tough spirit, and Dr. Codfish has nothing on her, neither speed-wise nor humor-wise (but you'll have to ride with JayJay to experience her humor).
I don't have photos of the 2011-NC-Volunteer of the Year (TonyG) nor 2011-NC-Comeback Randonneur of the Year (JoelL) nor 2011-NC-Randonneur of the Year (Ian).  [Three bad jokes redacted.]

Tony, maybe I'll make it to one of your brevet-fests this coming year, or maybe the Fleche.

Joel, anyone that rides a 1200 within two months of breaking their hip, and follows that up a month later with a 1000 ... is way too crazy.

Ian, you are just plain crazy.

Thank-you and congratulations as seems more appropriate to each of you.

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