Monday, January 30, 2012

10-K kms On A Single RUSA Course

A week or so ago, several of us joined Dean for what we thought was Dean's 100th Get 'er Dunn.  Turned out that "we" didn't do a very good job of counting.  It was only his 99th.  MikeD did a little write-up on RTP; he skated over the mistaking quite neatly.  And truthfully, as Mike hinted, what better way to spend most of a Sunday than in the cold, with some drizzle, tempting frost-bitten feet? 

At least Dean did (probably) accomplish one record that day -- first person to get to 10-thousand kms on a single course.  (I am unaware of any others having accomplished the 10-K on a single course AT THE TIME that Dean did get 10,098 kms on Get 'er Dunn.) 

However, perusing the RUSA website for non-interesting information, I discovered that Dean getting to 10-thousand that day was NOT the first time a RUSA member got to 10-thousand on a single course.  No, that honor does not go to Dean on Get 'er Dunn. 

Instead, it appears that the honor goes to Dean on the Tar Heel 200.  Jan-01-2012 was his 51st time completing that course -- for 10,200 kms.  Back-tracking through the records, Dean did his 50th Tar Heel 200, and got to an even 10-thousand-kms on that one course, on Dec-04-2011.  

Congratulations, Dean! 

All Years, # rides, avg time, kph by route
route            #    kms       avg time    kph
589 Tar Heel 200 51  10,200  10.711  10:43  18.7 
878 Get 'er Dunn 99  10,098   5.422   5:25  18.8 

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