Friday, January 13, 2012

NC 2010 Rando Rookies -- Revisited

I joined RUSA in 2010 and by happenstance became part of a pretty amazing group of NC rando rookies.  I thought it might be interesting to check into what the group has been up to lately. 

You may recall that I originally thought there were only seven NC 2010 rando rookies.  But, 

  • There were 34 of us that made up the NC 2010 rookie class.
  • 7 never got credit for any RUSA ride.
  • 26 of us got credit for at least one ride by the end of 2010.
  • 1 of us first got credit in early 2011 (therefore, 27 of us eventually got credit for at least one RUSA ride).  [I used to be incredulous that one would join-up but then wait a year before riding – but then, for kicks, I decided to look up the results for those with really low RUSA numbers starting with RUSA #1 – I didn’t need to look up RUSA #2 in order to experience an epiphany.]  

  • During the “free period” in late 2009, four of us accounted for 1,808 RUSA credit kms.  
  • 26 of us accounted for 49,859 credit kms in 2010 (an avg of 1918 credit-kms).  
  • 18 of us accounted for 73,329 credit kms in 2011 (an avg of 4074 credit-kms).  
  • Eight attained SR status in 2010. (JohnO, Maria, Bryan, BikerBob, TerryT [never met him], Tim, StephenB [never met him] and Ian.  Bob doubled-up and completed two series in 2010.) 
  • Eight attained SR status in 2011 (JohnO, Bryan, Bob, Tim, Stephen, Ian, me, and Denis).  JohnO, Bryan, Bob and Ian doubled-up in 2011; Tim tripled-up.   [Some of my fellow NC 2010 rando rookies are just plain crazy!  Very nice, but crazy!  In a good way -- but crazy!]   
  • JohnO, Tim and Ian completed 1000 km brevets in 2010.  
  • The most RUSA credit kms by any of us in 2010 was 7,050 (Tim).  
  • Ian completed two domestic 1000k brevets in 2011.  
  • Ian and Denis went to France and started PBP – an accomplishment in and of itself.  Ian completed PBP – but he, along with the others riding with him, “messed up” and failed to qualify for the Adrian Hands Society – maybe next time.   [edit Jan-18-2012:  there seems to be some more recent information regarding entry into LSAH -- see below.] 
  • Tim completed two domestic 1200k Grand Randonnees in 2011 – Texas Stampede and Taste of Carolina.  [Tim’s report on ToC was recently published in American Randonneur.  Tim's report on Texas is also on MikeD's RTP blog.]  
  • Bryan also completed the Taste of Carolina 1200.  
  • JohnO and BikerBob started the Taste of Carolina, but had to bail.  [As noted above in regards to PBP, I think just having the guts, etc. to start is an accomplishment.]  
  • The most RUSA credit kms by any of us in 2011 was 15,061 (Tim).  
  • Two others attained 10K-Hound status in 2011 (JohnO and Bryan).  
  • Four others finished in the top-100 RUSA k-hounds in 2011 (me, Ian, MikeH, BikerBob).  
  • I didn’t check the R-series stats very carefully.  If someone reads this and identifies and informs me of a mistake, I will correct same.  
  • At least 8 of us have snagged an R-12; as I compose this, I understand that 6 of us still have intact streaks of at least 12-months.  
  • As of the close of 2011:  BikerBob was at R-24 – having overcome a hernia operation in late Jan-2011 and some broken and cracked ribs thanks to a dog in the road in late-May-2011. 
  • Super-crazy-man Tim and almost-as-crazy Bryan were at R-23.  
  • Also, Ian was at R-21; I was at R-17; MikeH was at R-14.  
  • Five of the aforementioned six snagged our Jan-2012 R-rides on Jan-01.  
  • BikerBob, Tim and Bryan at TonyG’s 200-km brevet.  
  • MikeH and I snagged ours doing the Tar Heel Permanent. 
  • Two others may have re-started their R-streak recently.  
  • Maria (whose previous R-12+ steak ended in late-2010 or early-2011) also snagged her January-R-ride on the Tar Heel on the first.  
  • Stephen completed TonyG’s Jan-01 brevet, and may have restarted his R-series (he broke his previous R-series after getting to R-13 in March-2011).  
  • I wonder what slacker Ian was doing on the first?  
Btw, other NC randos did some noteworthy stuff in 2011, but this post is about the 2010 NC rookie class, so I won't mention all the PBP finishers, etc..  

Edit Jan-18-2012: 

I received an e-mail from Ian ... he claims that the following photo is proof that he got a time of at least 88h55 stamped on his PBP time card.  I dunno'.  

Accompanying the above pic, was some official-looking verbiage, supposedly originating with Cap'n Ende -- leader of the LSAH:  

"According to statute #88 in the official rule #55  located on the
8855th page of the official LSAH rule book (aka some neurons in La
Capitaine's head) a rider with a card time >= 88:55 should be granted
entry into LSAH. 

See attached photo. :-D" 

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