Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Consecutive Riding Days, Part-2

Spoiler alert / geek alert! 

The following is just a comparison of some boring stats from my 2011 rides.  Even I think the resulting stats and the short discussion boring.  This is so boring that I might delete the post even after publication -- if I bother to publish.  You have been warned. 


Previously, I posted some charts that segmented my 2011 cycling by day of the week and further segmented based up the rides being part of a back-to-back (or more) series versus no-ride-the-day-before-or-after (non-conseuctive).  There were also some lame observations / conclusions included.  This post will present a chart or two regarding the consecutive rides, some discussion or observations regarding same, and who-knows, maybe there will even be something similar to a conclusion.

Straight to the chart:

 kms     # rides         miles        Hours          mph        m. / r.
1 of 2 1,024 23 1,801.3 118.6 15.2 78.3
2 of 2 1,839 23 1,819.2 124.4 14.6 79.1
0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
1 of 3 408 9 396.3 25.6 15.5 44.0
2 of 3 412 9 824.2 53.9 15.3 91.6
3 of 3 1,032 9 859.6 59.0 14.6 95.5
0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
1 of 4 0 2 85.6 5.2 16.5 42.8
2 of 4 102 2 147.1 9.7 15.2 73.6
3 of 4 207 2 132.8 8.6 15.5 66.4
4 of 4 102 2 153.9 10.6 14.6 77.0
0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
0 0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Total 5,126 81 6,220.0 415.6 15.0 76.8
non-cons 3,144 32 2,984.8 198.7 15.0 93.3
Grand Tot 8,270 113 9,204.8 614.3 15.0 81.5

The above is a chart that is auto-generated from within my Excel log; however, to make the above chart, I re-coded from the usual to categories specifically and only to obtain the above chart.  You'll notice three series of data-rows:  the first is for the front and back ends of a back-to-back series; the second is for the first, middle and last of three consecutive days of cycling; the third is for the two "quads".  At the bottom are the totals for all the consecutive days (to double-check that I've got the same totals as in the previous charts), the totals of the "non-consecutive" days, and the "grand total" of all my rides.

  • The average distance of first and second day of a two-day-series is almost the same; but the second day is considerably slower (3.7 % slower). 
  • The second day appears to have been more likely to have been a rando ride -- that would be consistent with my intent for much of last year to ride Irregularly on Saturday and rando on Sunday -- I'm still not sure if I actually accomplished that, or if I just intended that, but ... .
  • The average distance of the second and third days of a three-peat are about the same; but the first is considerably less.  That would be consistent with the first day often having been a Friday that included a short "spin-out" or errand ride. 
  • The average pace got slower over the course of the three days; but the second and third day averages are almost the same as the averages from the first and second days of the back-to-backs.  That might suggest that the first day of the three-peats had little to no impact on the following two rides.  The majority of the rando rides included in the three-peats was on the third day.
  • The average distance of the first day of the "quads" was about the same as the first day of the three-peats, but the pace was considerably faster.  But with only two sample points for the "quads", ... .
  • The average pace of the second and third day of the quads are about the same as the second day of the three-peats and the first day of the back-to-backs.  Also, it is very interesting that the average pace of the fourth day of the quads is the same as the last day of the three-peats and the last of the back-to-backs, but ... as there are only two sample points for the quads, ... .
  • Looking at the Total, non-consecutive line, and the Grand Total line ... the non-consecutive rides did have more than "their fair share" of the rando rides.  I probably should amend the above chart to include a non-consecutive line that excludes the three longer brevets; I think the non-consecutives would then appear to be more in-line with the consecutive rides (as far as "share" of the rando riding is concerned).


None other than those included in the observations above.

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