Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Favorite Moments From the Past

While I'm trying to figure what and how to write whatever it is that I will ultimately type regarding the excellent rando adventure that I had with JohnA yesterday, some non-RUSA, serendipitous rides came to mind.  Maybe others will also enjoy the write-up(s).

Sunday rides are not pre-planned.

DNS of the "Showdown in Black Creek" results in a series of serendipitous moments.

Tired, and a front wheel with a mind of its own, leads to another series of serendipitous moments.

But, I have to admit that what put the burr in my saddle about recalling serendipitous or JRA rides was this:  (click here).

Ten rides so far this calendar year:
Nine RUSA rides,
One "errand ride" ... to effectuate the paperwork exchange for one of the RUSA rides.

Maybe it is time for a non-rando, non-credit, no-clock ride.

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