Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Occasionally ... well, okay, sometimes bordering on obsessively ... I check the "stats" from the "ClustrMap" and/or the "PageViews".  This morning, the ClustrMap stats indicated the following recent visitors:

Tuesday, March 13 @ 22:08 : Raleigh, North Carolina, US
Tuesday, March 13 @ 21:19 : Chillicothe, Illinois, US
Tuesday, March 13 @ 20:24 : North Aurora, Illinois, US
Tuesday, March 13 @ 20:11 : Lawrenceville, Georgia, US
Tuesday, March 13 @ 10:24 : Pleasant Garden, North Carolina, US
Tuesday, March 13 @ 05:28 : Brussels, BE
Tuesday, March 13 @ 04:21 : Mountain View, California, US
Monday, March 12 @ 14:18 : Morrisville, North Carolina, US
Monday, March 12 @ 11:48 : Durham, North Carolina, US                                                                            

You can guess from the title of this post which one caught my eye.

Because I been there.  I know where it is.  I probably have relatives of relatives that live there.

My paternal grandparents and my dad's brother (that would be my uncle) and his wife's family used to bop-over to Chillicothe regularly.  I never understood why.  Perhaps some of my aunt's relatives live there.

I wonder if there are any randonneurs in Chillicothe.
Hmmn, I think I know where I can find a database that might provide the answer.

Per Wiki:,_Illinois
Oh, in case any old "foamers" read this and the above wiki link ... I've been to and over and past Edelstein, many times.  Of course, I still think of IL-Hwy-40 as IL-Hwy-88 (they changed the number when the governor and his driver got lost because they couldn't tell the difference between IL-88 and I-88 -- one an interstate, the other not; dang big-city types, anyway). 
Chillicother, IL website:
Town has more population than I thought.  I would have guessed 2 or 3 thousand.  On the other hand, it is close enough to Peoria that it may have been providing bedrooms for Peoria for many decades.  

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