Friday, March 9, 2012

Mar-08: Chatting One's Way Around Falls Lake

Met my friend IvaHawk at PUE, ~ 7:40, temp ~ 54F, to go for an easy ride around Falls Lake.

As expected, a bit more morning traffic on Carpenter Pond & NC-98 than one might prefer.
By 9 o'clock, the traffic had thinned out.
Probably partially due to the time of day and associated travel patterns,
But also due to the roads we were on by then.

Chatting so much, nearly a no energy ride.
Chatting so much, I don't even recall what Falls Lake from Cheek Rd looked like.
Nor do I recall climbing back up from the lake or trip across ??? Rd back to Old Weaver Trail.

I do recall slipping a comment in between the other chatting,
That it was nice to be on Cheek Rd again after so long an absence.
I also do recall the Hawk mentioning, as we made one particular turn,
"As someone once wrote, who wouldn't want to ride on a road named 'Stool Tree'?"

Back to OWT, again, I only recall waiting for the light to trip at NC-50, and
The Hawk pointing out the absolutely flat, glass-like surface of Falls Lake seen from OWT.

Seemed to me that someone must have taken out the climb up to New Light Rd.
Did we go up Ghoston?  No memory.
The steep on Peed in the 50-21;
The Hawk mentioning that one short piece of that is at least 11%.

Back at PUE at about 10:20; temp pushing 70F.
Nice ride on a nice, early March day.
With good company.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
IvaHawk's story may differ.

--> PUE:  Falls Lake Loop; an interlude for lunch; some more riding about; 51.9 m.; 3h35 in-motion; 14.5 mph.  

Jan tot: __6 rides; __426.2 m.; _28 h, 52 m; 14.8 mph. 
Feb tot: __6 rides; __591.0 m.; _40 h, 15 m; 14.7 mph. 
Mar tot: __2 rides; ___84.2 m.; __5 h, 46 m; 14.6 mph. 
YTD tot: _14 rides; 1,101.4 m.; _74 h, 53 m; 14.7 mph. 

First non-rando, non-errand ride that was at least partially rando-errand-based, of the year. 

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