Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mar-21: Bahama Beach Spring Equinox 103-kms

Lots of shades of newly minted, spring-green today.
Lots of other colors from bradford pears and wisteria (?) and redtips and azaleas and what-not.

Bovines and equines, but no llamas nor alpacas nor mules nor donkeys.

Sunshine and clouds.

Calm winds.
Some head-breeze the last 12-miles or so.
(That's when I kindly let Mick lead for awhile.)

Repeated down-and-up.
Some mostly flat near the end.
But NOT right before the end.

It did not rain on us.

Seems Spring has sprung.
(Yeah, I know.  I should leave the bad-puns to the Phun Physiologist.  That's his turf.)

All-in-all:  a pleasant 100+ km ride, taking it mostly easy.

--> Bahama Beach 103-km Perm-Pop --> ; 74.2 m.; 4h50 in-motion; 15.3 mphofficial rando time -- 4h55 (for the perm-pop only).  

Jan tot: __6 rides; __426.2 m.; _28 h, 52 m; 14.8 mph. 
Feb tot: __6 rides; __591.0 m.; _40 h, 15 m; 14.7 mph. 
Mar tot: __8 rides; __511.4 m.; _34 h, 20 m; 14.9 mph. 
YTD tot: _20 rides; 1,528.6 m.; 103 h, 27 m; 14.8 mph. 

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