Monday, October 22, 2012

Sinclair Dinosaur

NC randonneuse MaryF is / was in Tulsa on business (and maybe some pleasure activity, too).  She posted a photo on Facebook of a truck-stop-gas-station sign, noting the $3.10 per gallon price of gasoline (currently in the $3.70 range in central NC). 

I picked up on something else on the sign, and commented:  "WOW -- a Sinclair station!".

I hadn't seen one of those, in person or via photo, for decades.
In response, Mary e-mailed me three pics she must have taken, but, at last report, had not posted to Facebook.  Made me smile.

Here are the pics, slightly edited -- and I hope they come out "right-side-up" -- and the files are rather large, so I may have to condense them if they make uploading the blog too slow.

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