Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oct-06: Jackass 200

Cycling partner Byron named the ride and blog post during the ride.
The big interweb has some information regarding the term "jackass".
[See the first line of the wiki-web link.]

Excluding the two RUSA members, we saw 5 jackasses on the day.
Well, Byron saw five -- I missed the last one.
And, in interest of full disclosure, we did not verify if the donkeys were male or female.
Hmmn, just realized that in the 36 days ending with this ride,
I started six permanents, and completed five of them.
Of the five completed, three included wet roads or significant rain events.
Only two have been sunny and dry (and warm).

The three "weather" rides + the DNF ride were on courses "owned" by others.
The previous sunny and dry (and warm) ride was on my permanent, aka, "Egypt Mtn".
This ride was on a beautiful sunny and dry (and warm) day, again on "Egypt Mtn". 
Lesson there?
Neither Byron nor I brought a camera for the ride.
The most scenic part of the course is the 10 miles from Drewry to Warrenton,
Following NC Bike Route #4.
I am looking forward to that section the first weekend in November.
We did see something today which we might not see in a month:
Namely a Blue Heron gliding in to land next to one of the ponds.

Other parts of the route also make for particularly nice vistas (e.g., Tower Rd + Gillburg Rd).
Addtn'l parts of the route are not about vistas, but instead are about some interesting "rollers".
And some parts are in "tree tunnels".
All make for good cycling -- that is my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

In the interest of full disclosure:  I've enjoyed each and every Permanent route I've done.
Some are flat (e.g., "Tar Heel 200").
Some are hillfests (e.g., Byron's "Leesville-Leasburg-Leesville").
Some are are mix of rollers and flat-ish bits (e.g., "Kerr Lake Loop", "LOMBD", "OakElmOak").
Some are excursions through mountains (e.g., "Sauartown '200'").
My approach is "accept each route for what it is and what it offers; enjoy it."

I've enjoyed the routes solo; I've enjoyed the routes when riding with others.
I've zipped through no-effort rides solo.
I've zipped through no-effort rides with others.
I've ridden slowly when I had legs, but someone else hasn't. 
I've labored through rides when solo.
I've labored through rides on those same routes when riding with others.

As I mentioned to Byron near the end of this ride,
"I know I can do these rides, but near the end of most rides,
"There comes a point when I'm closing on the finish,
"And I am once again amazed that I'm about to complete it."

Thanks to Byron for riding with me, and providing more than half the interesting stories.
Thanks to the-powers-that-be for the gorgeous, warm but low humidity, day.
As I type this line the day after the ride,
I see that heavy rain is falling outside.
The squall line may have hit friends doing one of Tony's brevets this weekend,
(400, 600, and 1000) a couple hours ago -- or right now -- or in the next few hours.
I'm thankful that I'm NOT out in that weather.
I'm hopeful that everyone that is out in it, has the proper clothing, etc.
To handle yesterday's high temp of about 87F with no/low humidity, and
To handle today's 50F temps with intermittent squalls.

--> Egypt Mtn 221-km perm -->; 155.6 m.; 9h51 in-motion; 15.8 mph; EM elapsed time:  10h24.  [The in-motion avg did NOT drop after the EM segment.]

Q-1 tot: _22 rides; 1,610.3 m.; 108h42; 14.8 mph; 1947 RUSA kms
Q-2 tot: _29 rides; 2,711.5 m.; 182h48; 14.8 mph; 2700 RUSA kms
Q-3 tot: _32 rides; 2,958.9 m.; 197h17; 15.0 mph; 2983 RUSA kms
Oct tot: __2 rides; __247.8 m.; _16h15; 15.2 mph; _324 RUSA kms.
YTD tot: _85 rides; 7,528.5 m.; 505h02; 14.9 mph; 7954 RUSA kms.

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