Monday, March 18, 2013

Mar-16: Cruising the Seven C's 108-km Perm-Pop

Andy captured all the important stuff (in photos) at the start:
Thanks to rando Sag for the photo of former submariner, "Fearless Leader "Alan at the start, followed by Bob and with Maria in the background.
Mike noted all the important points from the ride and after-party; there is nothing I could add:  
 _ _ (One thing though:  I could have sworn that the ride started at 9 instead of 7.)
Between Dean a couple weeks ago and Mike in the above, most of the puns have been used.
    But there is one that I'm saving for the future. 

I'm only putting up a blog post in order to more easily refresh my memory on some future day.
Entire crew early in the ride.  Thanks to JP for the photo.


Clyde's Curious Critters Chatham County Cycling Circuit 108-km perm-pop; 67.6 m.; est. 4h30 in-motion; 15.0 mph; 7-C's official elapsed time:  5h15. 
Jan tot: __3 rides; __288.9 m; _14h56; 14.9 mph; __313 RUSA kms. 
Feb tot: __3 rides; __267.6 m; _19h15; 13.9 mph; __410 RUSA kms. 
Mar tot: __3 rides; __282.2 m; _18h38; 15.1 mph; __414 RUSA kms.
YTD tot: __9 rides; __768.7 m; _52h49; 14.6 mph; _1137 RUSA kms

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