Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mar-02: The Air-Horn 204-km Perm

From time to time, one can find on just about any on-line cycling forum or Google or Yahoo cycling list-serve a discussion and suggestions about the best way to deter dawgs chasing bicyclists.  Obviously, the best cure-all would be for all dog-owners to train their animals to not-chase.  Unfortunately, that is extremely unlikely to happen in North Carolina (or, I venture, anywhere else in the United States).  However, yesterday, while riding MikeD's "Showdown in Black Creek" Permanent, I witnessed the most effective deterrent I've ever experienced.  Biker Bob recently added a small air-horn to the cockpit of his bike.  Every chase was cut short by a well-timed blast from that air-horn.  EVERY chase.  Cut short by a WELL-TIMED blast.  Thanks, Bob.
[from Bob:]  Searching for "Falcon SuperSound" will take you to various sources.  Falcon offers several models.  I am using a Nashbar clip for Halt! dog spray, along with a cable tie to secure it all to the handlebar (survived my crash on the ToC without coming off).  Unfortunately, Nashbar no longer offers those handlebar clips.
This photo shows the attachment clip better than the above photo.

I recently read that "there is no such thing as a tailwind in cycling. There are headwinds, crosswinds, or 'I'm feeling good!'"  Well then, Bob and Ricochet and I were feeling very good on the outbound leg, taking approximately 3h50 in-motion.  However, apparently while taking a little time to eat and drink and pee in Black Creek, an annoying NW wind popped up, because there was certainly a headwind on the inbound leg (it took approximately 4h40 in-motion, plus a couple extra short rest-breaks for Bob's legs and my lower-back).

For those that read this and know the cast of characters that did the ride, here is the most amazing comment of the day:  "This is the way a 200k route ought to finish!  This is a MUCH better finish that L-L-L or Egypt Mtn:  no Ghoston, no Peed, no Mt. Vernon Ch Rd, no Kemp, no Boxelder!"

What makes that such an amazing comment?  The speaker:  Ricochet Robert.

Showdown in Black Creek 204-km perm; 127.0 m.; 8h30 in-motion; 14.9 mph; elapsed time:  10h05.  

Jan tot: __3 rides; __288.9 m; _14h56; 14.9 mph; __313 RUSA kms.
Feb tot: __3 rides; __267.6 m; _19h15; 13.9 mph; __410 RUSA kms.
Mar tot: __1 rides; __127.0 m; __8h30; 14.9 mph; __204 RUSA kms. 
YTD tot: __7 rides; __613.5 m; _42h41; 14.4 mph; __927 RUSA kms

Looking at my Excel log, I find that I've now eclipsed 45-thousand miles in my recorded-adult-cycling-lifetime.  Another 388-miles and I'll have 40-thousand miles on the Pilot 5.0 frame.  

 "Lifetime" Miles
10 756 45,025.5 2,973.6 15.14 59.6
        year     # rides        miles    hrs.frac        pace    m./ride
2004 38 1,176.2 86.5 13.60 31.0
2005 37 1,265.5 91.8 13.78 34.2
2006 58 2,484.9 167.0 14.88 42.8
2007 79 3,530.5 221.3 15.95 44.7
2008 82 3,765.3 234.5 16.05 45.9
2009 126 6,216.7 393.8 15.78 49.3
2010 112 7,559.5 504.7 14.98 67.5
2011 113 9,204.8 614.3 14.98 81.5
2012 104 9,208.6 616.9 14.93 88.5
2013 7 613.5 42.7 14.37 87.6


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