Saturday, May 31, 2014

May-17: Late Afternoon Bahama Beach 103

Placeholding because I really want to blog this ride / these rides, and
I want May rides to show as May blog post.
I may be obsessive on that point.


[Edit Apr-04-2015:  
It is obvious that I did NOT get back to fill out the above non-post. 
And now, I recall NOTHING about this ride. 
My Excel log indicates that I rode the "standard" route that day with Biker Bob, and
Completed the route in 4h49. 

Oh, wait, now I recall: 
Bob was in Raleigh, I think to do a short version of the Tour de Cure, and 
Decided he'd rather do a late afternoon Bahama Beach with me, 
Rather than a longer Tour de Cure option. 

My recollection is that I got off from work at about 3 pm, with aching legs. 
The first half of the ride was a struggle for me. 
We paused on Cassam Rd because I needed a moment to regroup, and 
Nibble a bit and take a good drink. 

After the pause, I decided to go "all out," regardless how much it hurt my legs. 
In particular, on Bruce Garner / New Light Rd, I went into "time trial mode." 
At one point, I called back to Bob that I hoped the TT was hurting his legs, 
Because I was inflicting significant pain on mine.  ;-/

My legs felt better after the ride than before. 
A lesson I need to recall this year.] 

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