Saturday, May 31, 2014

May-31: Denny's Store 138

Placeholding because I really want to blog this ride / these rides, and
I want May rides to show as May blog post.
I may be obsessive on that point.

[Edit March 3, 2017:  
It is obvious that I did NOT get back to fill out the above non-post.   
And now, I recall NOTHING about this ride.   
My Excel log indicates that I rode solo that day, and  
The RUSA website indicates that I completed the route in 5h57, 
Which was a personal record for me (at the time), 
Replacing the PR from six days earlier.  

I do recall that on each of the May-25th and this May-31st ride, 
That I was trying to be quick, trying to better a 5h45 time. 
I never did accomplish that. 

Also strange is that 
On the 25th, I cycled to the start and cycled back home, 
But on the 31st, I cycled to the start, but must have hitched a ride home. 
Can't imagine with whom I caught that ride. 

Records reveal that I rode the Denny's Store route four times in May 2014. 
Also that I DNF'd the route once. 
Work called when I was part way into the ride on the 13th, and long story short, 
I earned that DNF by turning around and going in to work. 
I did the Denny's Store route the next day, May 14th, solo, in 6h26. 

Interesting thing about that May 14 ride, 
It was the first half, the long first half, 
Of doing two perm-pops, back-to-back, solo.  

I obviously enjoyed riding the Denny's Store route in that month of May. 
I still do, but I haven't ever done the route four times again since then. 
However, one never knows what the future may hold.]  

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