Saturday, May 31, 2014

May-25: Denny's Store 138

Placeholding because I really want to blog this ride / these rides, and
I want May rides to show as May blog post.
I may be obsessive on that point.

[Edit March 3, 2017:  
It is obvious that I did NOT get back to fill out the above non-post.   
And now, I recall NOTHING about this ride.   
My Excel log indicates that I rode solo that day, and  
The RUSA website indicates that I completed the route in 6h08, 
Which was a personal record for me (at the time).  

Records also reveal that I rode the Denny's Store route four times in May 2014. 
Also that I DNF'd the route once. 
Work called when I was part way into the ride, and long story short, 
I earned that DNF by turning around and going in to work. 

I obviously enjoyed riding the Denny's Store route in that month of May. 
I still do, but I haven't ever done the route four times again since then. 
However, one never knows what the future may hold.] 

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