Sunday, August 6, 2017

Flashback -- Aug-06-2015

Flashback memory from Aug-06-2015 from Facebook: 

Woohoo!  104k "Oxford" pop this morning with the usual ride partner.  Seemingly virtually effortless.  Started very easy, never seemed to pick it up (except for one outbound stretch when I was deep in thought and the bike picked up the pace all on its own), 2h04 in-motion outbound, 2h00 in-motion inbound for me.  (The official elapsed time might look a bit slow since we started about 7 minutes late due to headlight issues and managed to time 2 outbound stop-lights wrongly, and had to wait for traffic at several spots outbound and inbound.) 
Woohoo-squared!  That usual partner only put 6 minutes into me in the final 13.5-miles.  (She usually puts 7 minutes into me -- LOL.)  Anyway, 6 minutes behind today, but I was faster on Bruce Garner / New Light than usual this year (with no effort), fastest UP Ghoston this year by a minute (with seemingly no effort), UP Peed at 7.5-8 mph instead of 5-5.5 mph (with very little effort).

Finished.  Showered.  Eaten.  Relaxed.  NOT tired.  Woohoo-cubed!

Things were much better two years ago cycling wise for me, and just plain all-round for that usual partner.

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