Thursday, August 17, 2017

NC Permanents Trivia

Originally posted to the NC-rando-list-serve on Aug-07-2017.  

For the following, only Permanents of 200-kms or more:
  1. Based on the entire history of Permanents in NC, and based on the number of "start groups," what is the most  popular Permanent in North Carolina?  (Multiple riders starting at the same time is a single "start group.")  [Hint:  it ain't flat.] 
  2. Based on the entire history of Permanents in NC, and based on the number of "completed rides," what is the most popular Permanent in North Carolina?  (Each RUSA certificate equates to a single "completed ride.")  [Hint:  it is probably the flattest Perm in central NC.] 
  3. Based on the entire history of Permanents in NC, and based on the number of "different riders," what is the most popular Permanent in North Carolina?  (If you can't figure out what "different riders" means, I can't help you.)  [Hint:  "back then, that's all we had."] 
Three different ways to look at historical popularity; three different answers.


Several people offered answers or comments 

      -- I took some liberties with the order of responses to make things "flow" better: 

From Chris G:
1. LLL
3. ??
From me: 
1.  yes.
2.  nope. 
3.  ___
From LinO:
3. KLL (???)   
From me:
Lin, one might expect that those who joined RUSA after 2012 would have to guess, but those whose main RUSA days were prior to 2010 would assert that answer, esp. if the should-be-asserter was one of the first dozen to get credit for that course. 
However, yes, KLL has had the most different riders get credit for completing at least one circuit of the route. 
So, that just leaves the second question. 
From LinO:
Now I feel guilty for having answered.  :)

FWIW, I drew blanks on 1 & 2. The KLL surmise was predicated on the "back then, it was all we had" hint.  Indeed, NC Randos are to be commended for having fairly rapidly developed a large selection of routes.

Re:  "...whose main RUSA days were prior to 2010...." Working to alter the timeline. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see some of these "new to me" routes.
From me: 
Don't feel guilty, Lin:  I admit that I decided to have a little extra fun sorta' at your expense -- perhaps rather like a certain county line "sprint" on the Tar Heel route, circa 2011, when I took off mid-sentence, got to the CL before you, and then picked up mid-sentence once we had come back together.  But you cut me off after only a word or two, berating me for having emulated a particular NC-rando that was known for contesting county lines.  Good memories, seemingly forgotten, now recalled, at least for a day.  
From Cyndy, RUSA #608:
Gee're making me feel bad...I joined RUSA in '99 and the answers aren't readily apparent to me.  I think it's more a case of a particular subset of NC Randos--the cool kids-- that would automatically know the answers to your trivia questions...  
From me:
1.  All randonneurs are "cool kids."  Otherwise, I loathe that elitist term.
2. What would be the point of readily apparent trivia questions? 
From BobB:
2. Tar Heel 200  


From me -- the answers, originally posted to the list-serve on Aug-08: 
Bob didn't need the extra hint. 
Correct answers: 
  1. Leesville-Leasburg-Leesville (L-L-L), aka, Triple-L
  2. Tar Heel 200
  3. Kerr Lake Loop, aka, KLL 
I hope this chart will copy correctly (it looks okay as I copy it in). 
The chart is in order of the questions. 
   I've included LOMBD for kicks or whatever.
Route NameRoute #Start GroupsCompleted RidesDifferent Riders
Triple-L #83113226231
Tar Heel 200#58912232150
Kerr Lake Loop#1437424256


[Note that if one asked the same three questions, but limited the time period to only 2013 & subsequent, the answers would be significantly different.]  

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