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Oct-18-2017: Bahama Beach 103

Bob and I were planning to do the "7-Cs" perm-pop on the 21st for our
NC-P-12-Explorer-Challenge ride for October.

However, IvaHawk could not ride on the 21st;
He had a family conflict, or maybe it was just a [shudder] golf conflict.
So, to keep Iva on track for his "Martin Challenge" -- that's how Iva refers to ... see above link,
We all agreed to to do the Bahama Beach perm-pop on the 18th to keep Iva on track.
[Bob and I would still do the 7-Cs on the 21st -- the next blog post, once written, should explain.]

We started at 1030, unusually late.
Maybe we waited for some warmth, or maybe Iva had an early morning conflict; maybe both.

Bahama Beach is a 'free-route,'
Meaning that, as long as we go through the controls in the correct sequential order,
We don't have to stick to the cue sheet.

Whether we discussed the issue before the ride, during or even at all, I don't recall.
But I certainly was intending to diverge from the standard route, and
Use the favorite "3-Hayes" variant, which by-passes Creedmoor and stays on little traffic roads.

In my rather short cycling career with the Irregulars and doing rando rides,
I've experienced people forgetting to bring their water bottles (me), and/or
Leaving their water bottles at the start (me), and/or
Someone forgetting their helmet (JP, me, separately, and luckily, spare helmets were at hand) and/or
Someone forgetting their shoes (Ags), and/or 
Someone forgetting their cycling shoes and helmet (MickH), and/or
Someone forgetting to bring their front wheel (IvaHawk).
The best, however, was when someone forgot their entire bike!

This ride, as we prepped our bikes and put on our gear,
Bob realized that he had forgotten his cycling shoes!
[Although the following were actually taken at the end of the ride, 
They fit better at the beginning.]
Bob's pedal.
Bob's "driving" shoes that he was forced wear for the ride.
The bottom of Bob's shoe, showing the effects of 106-kms.

So, off we started on a cool October morning.
The first control is in Bahama, originally known as Mt. Bethel.
Mt. Bethel church at the center of what is now known as Bahama. 
Historical marker across from the church.
We took several minutes at the fire station in Bahama, just down the road from the church.
Several minutes for a nature break or two, and also to adjust / remove some clothing.

After dropping down Bahama Road to Lake Michie, and getting a good look at the lake,
I saw the impact of the dry period on Lake Michie -- the beach is reappearing.

From a standing start, up the "Michie Wall," where I found Bob and Iva waiting.

Across the rollers of Ellis Chapel Rd.
The zig-zag on Cassam and Range roads, where I thought about taking more pics, but didn't.
Then the rollers of Robert's Chapel Rd, where I again thought about taking pics, but didn't.
A bit more on the other side of Range Road, followed by LIttle Mtn Road, and then into Stem.

A somewhat quick stop at the BP in Stem.
Or maybe it was a bit longer than it could have been,
But still less time than I recall from a February 2013 stop (a better story here).

Brogden Rd at pace, in the middle of which we diverged from the standard route.
Across Hester Rd to the "3-Hayes" section.
Sam Moss Hayes Rd.
Moss Hayes Rd.
Hayes Rd.
Back onto the standard route to the control at Grissom.

Then back to the start/finish at Bay Leaf.

No recollection of the conversations on the day.
And any regular reader will know that I wouldn't have recalled the conversations
Even if I had typed up this report only hours after the ride.

All in all, a good ride with good companions on a good route on a sunny October day.
Iva notched his perm-pop for the NC-P-12-Explorer-Challenge.
Bob edged closer to the goal of getting into the K-Hound Kennel for the third straight year.

That's my story, and I think I'll be sticking to it. 

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