Thursday, January 11, 2018

Sep-23-2017: Road to Hicksboro 205

First, the route:

Hmmn, it appears that RWGPS has modified their embed code.
Edited the code to reduce the size of the embed a bit / more than a bit.

When Bob and I reached the first control at Underwood Grocery,
I had an idea:  "Bikes on Tour" -- I'd take a photo of the bikes at each control. 
So I took the first pic of the day:
Bikes parked out of the way at Underwood Grocery.  If I didn't know where this was, I would never accept this photo as an EPP proof of passage.  [I don't figure to ever do EPP as a route-owner.  The traditional hard-copy cards force people to get off their bikes and interact with the store clerks and other locals.  Done properly, every randonneur has the opportunity to be a goodwill ambassador for cycling.]  [Photo by me.]

I find it easy to forget a "plan" while en route.
I forgot to take a photo at the second control just west of Timberlake.
I forgot to take a photo while in Stovall for lunch (Stovall is not a control).

I did remember to take a second photo.
An astute reader ought to be able to figure where this photo was taken.  Note that it "cleverly" does not include the sight of the answer to the current Info Control question.  [Photo by me.]

I forgot to take a photo at the penultimate control at/near Dabney.
I forgot to take a photo at the finish back at the Bay Leaf CVS.

At least I did remember to take my phone, with its embedded camera, with me on the ride.
A month later, Oct-25th, when I did the "Hicksboro" route reversed solo, I forgot my phone!

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