Sunday, May 9, 2010

May-08 -- Iva's Range Road Rover 66

I received an e-mail from the Hawk regarding "Irregular" adventures while I was away doing something else.

Saturday was wheels away from PUE at 6:55 AM with BobH, RobertNew, NorrisT, Tito, John Askew, Gary, Wendy, and me. The ride was Range Road Rover, and thanks for the cue sheet. My recall is dim at the start of the ride. I think a group broke away on New Light and waited for us at Old Weaver. We regrouped and had a nice ride over to Cash and on into Butner. Norris was about 80% of his normal level with some medication he was taking.

When we hit the Range Road wall, no one really hammered it with most everyone staying together till Gary swung out for the last 50 yards outpacing Tito to the top. I have no idea of the effort level either were at. 

Then we started our 23 mile traverse of Range Road. Beautiful weather, nice roads, and little traffic. You can't get much better than that. We wondered how you were doing and how you were going to do riding on through the night. The state roads division has largely fixed the pot holes that were so bad the last time we did this route. Again, I can't recall anything in particular along this route. I rode hard for me and felt pretty good. 

For the ride in general, BobH was the hammer today dragging along Norris, Tito, and John. We stopped in Stem for refreshments. Thanks to Wendy for breaking her $20 for a gallon of water. Gary had a variety of supplements I'd like to try. Wendy took a 5-Hour Energy which she said works great. She drinks half a bottle early and the other half later. 

Half of the group leaves Stem early heading for Creedmore. The other half I think Tito, me, Gary, and Wendy leave a bit later. The front group soft pedals and we eventually catch them before Creedmore. 

At Dove Rd, the group breaks up. BobH, Tito, Norris, and Robert are in the first group, then John and me, then Wendy and Gary. John's bike is still not set up right. He can't get his heel down. So rather than hang with the front group, he hung back with me. This stays that way all the way to PUE. It was a good ride.



  1. It is always better to break a $20 and buy a gallon of water and share the water around the group.

    In "rando culture", whenever available, someone will buy a gallon and use what they need, the others with them do likewise, and then leave the remaining water in the jug for the next group of rando riders.

    Very little water wasted. And often, it is cheaper to buy a gallon than to buy a 20 or 24 ounce bottle.


  2. Eva Hawk, it's "Agnew" like Spiro not "Askew". It was a great ride and we were truly upgraded with the addition of Wendy.

    Two things stood out from the ride. Did anyone see Gary lay the palm of his hand down on the street while riding at 17 mph and never wavering from his position in the group? I still haven't grasped what kind of skill level that would require, but I am indeed thankful that I don't suffer from itchy palms.

    Lastly, I remember a snapshot of Bob "the Hammer" massaging his tire on the side of the road. Eva Hawk said it was a fetish and not pay any mind to this indulgence.


  3. John, er, sorry, make that "Askew" -

    After the IvaHawk's write-up, it is now and forever more "Askew".
    One has gotta' earn one's "Irregular" nick-name (there are exceptions).
    A name for one that forgets his shoes and rides with LT Nanoclips, hmmn?
    A name for one whose bike it not fitted correctly, while riding with a bike fitter, hmmn?
    Both situtations seem slightly out of kilter. What "name" would indicate that?
    Yes, I think that now and forever more, you are "Askew".


  4. I too saw Gary "test" the road with his hand' . I asked him what the temperature of the road was and he replied "hot".

    Yes, Iva and John I was massaging my tires. The speed and intencity of the ride was causing warpage. I was afraid the heat generated from all the speed would cause the seals to break and cause a blow out.

    I find my tires respond to positive feedback and respond accordingly. Iva you should try'll like it !


  5. I used to test my tires during a ride until one summer at the Clásica de San Sebastián. The day was hot, and I was in the lead breakaway. I leaned down to test the pavement temperature with my hand and accidentally touched my front tire. Third degree burns. But, I went on to a top ten finish anyway.