Thursday, May 20, 2010

May-20: It's All About Cadence

With only the 600 km still to go (although I will have to do another ACP / BRM 200 km brevet because it certainly appears that I won't be getting credit for the April Morrisville 200), it is almost time to stop soft-pedaling in anticipation / preparation for possibly riding the entire brevet solo (that only happened on the 300 -- and I'm kind of glad about that actually as I proved that I can ride a LONG way solo if need be, or desired).  So ... last week and again today, I rode a usual short (sometimes) "time-trial" route practicing cadence-cadence-cadence.  What a huge difference it makes, riding cadence in an easy gear versus soft-pedaling in an easy gear.  Of course, 25 or 30 miles is no comparison to 200, 300, 400 km -- but cadence is the practice plan for the next few / several weeks (in between planned longer Irregular rides).

During today's ride, I came to realize that it would be a good idea to replace my front tyre before the 600.  The tyre has quite a flat profile.  I'll use that flat profile tyre as my spare tyre on Saturday.

Besides, sufficient "rubber" has been worn off that my Cateye is measuring long.  For example, the Cateye came up with 29.9 miles for today's ride, but I know the course is only 29.6 miles long.  So much rubber has been worn away, that the front tyre is making 101 revolutions in the distance in which a fresh front tyre would only make 100 revolutions.  That 1% difference would add up to nearly 4 miles over the course of the 600 km -- I'd hate to miss a turn because I was unable to do the mental arithmatic to adjust for measuring long. 

Cadence, cadence, cadence.  That will be the plan once the 600 is complete.  Knock on wood.

BJP:  DocN-Kemp-Virgil; 20.6 m.; 1hrs, 44min in-motion time; 17.0 mph. 

Q-1 tot: 16 rides; __938.2 m.; _60 hrs, 39 min; 15.5 mph.
Apr tot: 10 rides; __717.9 m.; _45 hrs, 27 min; 15.1 mph.
May tot: _7 rides; __475.8 m.: _34 hrs, 10 min; 13.9 mph.
YTD tot: 32 rides; 2,131.9 m.; 142 hrs, 14 min; 15.0 mph.
Total time for May and YTD adjusted slightly.  The rounding adds up eventually.

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