Monday, October 18, 2010

Irregular Reflections

One of the Irregulars sent me a message the other day regarding why ride / what he likes about riding "irregularly" / what he expects from the ride(s).

With apologies to him (I'll allow him to remain anonymous, although I suspect most of the IRs should be able to identify the author), here are some of his comments, possibly generalized slightly:

Martin, Here are a few comments on my life as an IR....

[A little over a] year ago, ..., I tagged along for an IR ride.  I was a bit self-conscious and not sure if I was going to be accepted.  I had ... some personal stuff going on.

After meeting the kind, humorous, eclectic bunch of folks called the IRs, I decided to do what I never thought I would do:  I stopped riding with the ... guys (with whom I had ridden for 20 years) and joined the IR rides.  This was not an easy transition, because it meant driving [much further each] way.  What put me in the IR group was the humor, acceptance, good riding skills and fine leadership ... . 

[The IRs] have discouraged egotistical riding, humorless riding and A-riding.  On the other hand, you have encouraged responsible riding, a lessening of a-holic behavior, and an increase in good paceline behavior.  ...  a good example for all of us, ... .

I continue to drive all the way to N. Raleigh, often with a bike and wheels but not always, to join the group of interesting guys known as the IRs.  Again and again, I have found that my angular personality and eccentric traits have been welcomed, sort of like the wacky uncle... or maybe as just another ok guy who is part of the crew.

So, thanks [Irregulars] for a good experience. If I can do a little bit to improve things, call on me. 

[name redacted]
Maybe the above will help me and others remember "why we ride". 
If the author of the above objects to me posting his words ... I'll take them down ... maybe ... not.

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