Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oct-23 -- The Cheek Blunder

While I was off doing a Rando Permanent, the "Irregular" crew went for a ride on a most excellent course.  Well, they tried to ride the intended course.  This report reminds me of a previous "no-Martin 'Irregular' ride".  This time I present with no internal comments from the editor -- I'm saving them for the "Comments" section ...

The suspects:
Tito, IvaHawk, Smitty, Robert, BobH, Ags.
Wheels away scheduled 0730 hours.  Actual departure 0739.  Not too bad.

Destination Mt Tirzah and return.  Mission accomplished.

Attendees:  BobH, Robert, Ags, Smitty, Tito, and Iva.  Three guesses who was the slo-poke in that group. But, we had a big time.  Although, some (initials PS) thought we should not reveal any missteps to you, I'm in favor of going full disclosure in case a congressional investigation were to open at some time in the future.  Right on Cheek, then quickly left on Creech. Our group continued straight on Cheek and enjoyed the view of the lake shrouded in the early morning mist.  Then we saw Old Weaver trail and we said, hmmmm.

Then I said we missed the turn on Creech.  What to do, what to do.  Go back.  Do a new route.  But, navigator Bob said, not to worry we go back and turn right on Hereford and we're back on course.  That little detour gave us about 2.5 bonus miles.

So back on course, we get to Red Mill Rd where the traffic is worse than I remembered.  One member of the group insisted riding in a double pace line despite my (the leader's) recommendation to go single pace line while on Red Mill.  This individual is well known for his rebellious tendencies and disdain for authority.  On to Stagville Rd which is more hilly than I remember.  We finally get to Moores Mill Rd where upon cresting the hill just after the turn off 501, Iva was overcome with gratitude for the beautiful morning and beautiful scenery.  This prompted him to say something about all of us should be thankful for being alive and enjoying this day.  This bit of sentiment was met with a stony, manly silence.  But, I could tell they were touched.

Upon arriving at Hollow Ridge Grocery, I was told but didn't witness due to my being a bit behind the group, Tito did a flying dismount into the gravel stirring up quite a bit of dust.  Fortunately, no harm done.  It was beautiful (I know I'm over using that word today) at the top.  I hope that store never closes.  Ags noticed a cooler with a glass door near the front of the store.  Top shelf:  skoal snuff, next mad dog flavored "wine" and red bull, next pigs feet, sausage of suspect origin and other "food"; bottom shelf maybe refrigerated cigarettes.  Ags called it "The Cooler of Temptation".  No vice was absent.  Our group photo was taken by a friendly local in hunting overalls.

Off we go, bombing down the mountain, looking for Culbreth Rd.  Our long cut has messed up the milage.  At this time, some weren't even sure if maybe it had been a short cut.  Finally, we come to a unmarked road that has a sign pointing to Culbreth. Could this be Culbreth Rd we ask.  Well maybe, but it doesn't square with our mileage.  Let's press on.  Then an old friend, Range Rd.  Maybe we should turn here.  But, which way ??!!  Oh, what to do?  Smitty consults the GPS -- which is of no help.  I make a command decision to press on and sure enough, to our relief, come upon Culbreth Rd.

Arriving in Stem, we stop again for flo-max.  We did see the Mayor who was supervising a chain saw team across the street.  Upon leaving Stem, Iva jumped in front on the road to Creedmore.  Shortly after a not too bad of a pull, BobH comes to the front and drops the hammer.  We got to Creedmore more quickly than had we been driving.

From there, it was pretty much business as usual with me dropping back on the always tough Old Weaver.  Upon arriving at Ghoston, Ags launched up the hill as if an afterburner had been inserted in his behind.  Tito was not "feeling it" today and decided to ride on in with Iva. I'm not sure how it shook out at the end.  To give you an idea of how slow and tired I was, my G-P-MVC time was 22:26, well off my PR of last week.  Robert told me he was in the 16s.

I got your message about having Robert write the report.  But, he said he wasn't a writer.
Okay, one comment not in the "Comments" section (can't get links in the "Comments" to work).  As for Robert not being a writer, I draw your attention to the green text in the Aug-14 brevet report.  Every word in the green text is Robert's -- if you knew Robert, you could actually HEAR his voice speaking quite a bit of that green text -- he captured himself nigh-on perfectly.

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  1. Beautiful recap. Stunning picture. Wouldn't be surprised to see that on
    the cover of Town & Country or maybe just Country. Forgot to mention the
    cuddly pair of Pit Bulls that got Bob H's beta-blocked heart rate up to 225 bpm. I think that big one wanted to make a litter with ol' Bob. Ags