Sunday, October 3, 2010

Location and such

Someone, I won't mention who, suggested that my readership is now more than just the "irregulars", and that even Triangle area rando readers don't / won't understand many of the acronyms I regularly use.  He also suggested that there was nothing in the blog to identify WHERE I'm located. 


My profile clearly indicates Raleigh, NC.  But ... again ... someone suggested that was not obvious when one looked at the blog. 


There is a whole long list of route maps on the right-hand side of the blog.  Almost every one of those routes starts from the same place:  PUE on the north edge of Raleigh.  Most of the rest start from BJP -- which is just two miles up / down the road from PUE.

But probably I am the only one that actually looks at the route maps.  Maybe a few "irregulars".

Oh, and look how I described the start location:  "PUE".  That was one of the primary acronym examples that someone mentioned.  "BJP" was the other primary acronym example mentioned.  (Pleasant Union Elementary; Blue Jay Point County Park)

I have temporarily included a location identifier in the title of the blog.  I don't like the resulting "look", but ... temporary until I can figure something else. 

VGCC - Vance Granville Community College

DTCC - Durham Tech Community College

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