Friday, February 25, 2011

Guest Blogger Outpolls Blog Owner

Maybe I should retire from this blogging thing.

Robert's write-up of his 300k has massacred my write-ups combined in the last week.  Or ... maybe I helped massacre my own write-ups ... the title for Robert's write-up is at least somewhat interesting (his suggested title ... which I used for the subheading ... is even more interesting ... but I want to able to find that particular post a year or two from now ... and the subtitle might not have helped on that score).

I think I'll hold off on the retiring ... and try being "clever" with the title of my blog posts for awhile (but I will continue to include the date at the beginning of all my ride posts ... otherwise I'll never be able to find a particular post when I want to reference it).  AND next time Robert "guest blogs" ... a boring title.  Just to see what happens.
From my blog stats (in the last month):

"Viewers" per blog post:
"Ricochet Robert Rides 300 km" --- 42 pageviews.
"Feb-19:  'The Dragon' and the Blustery Day" --- 10 pageviews.
"Feb-20:  Kerr Lake Loop 208 km Permanent" --- 9 pageviews.

Referring search site:
Google --- 11 referals
pingywebedition --- 7 referals  (what is "pingywebedition"?  An automatic troll?)

"Traffic sources" / keyword searches:
 irregular velo adventures --- 5
"lee rode quickly" --- 1
irreglar verbs gathered by similarity --- 1  (that seems wierd)
Several others also had 1 search each. 

... And now ... for the "top 10" (well, 3) refering blogs:
Bike Around NC --- 6
RandoBryan (Miles to go ...) --- 9

... and number one on the blog referal parade ... 
RUSA Blogs --- 97

Hmmn. I just noticed, Yahoo has more referals this last month (20) than AOL (10).  First time I've noticed that dynamic; usually it is the other way 'round.

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