Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rummaging About

While rummaging through some old papers yesterday, I found a hard-copy cue sheet for Alan's 400 km brevet route ... complete with website identified in the left-side-footer and the date in the right-side-footer.  The route has changed only slightly ... due to destruction / construction / re-routing of certain roads ... AND  one or two roads have been renamed.  But after the first 13 kms, the route is exactly the same. 

However, the route being the same is not what I found interesting -- I understand that Alan has been doing those same friends for nearly 30 years -- and that is interesting -- but not the point, today.  What I did find interesting (solely in a personal context) was the date:  December-20-2006.  I knew I had been aware of randonneuring for a couple or a few years, but I had no recollection of when I may have first thought about trying to do a rando ride.

I know I had decided prior to Thanksgiving 2009 to have a go at Alan's series in 2010.  I actually joined RUSA in April 2010.  Therefore, the hard-copy cue sheet dates from three years before I decided to try randonneuring. 
December-2006.  At that time, my lifetime long rides included only nine metric centuries and a further thirteen rides that had been at least 50-miles in length.  ["Lifetime" starts in 2004.]  Total miles in 2006  =  2485.  Total miles 2004-06  =  4927.

In 2007, I did my first ever 100-miler (a solo 109-mile version of the Virginia Border Raid), eleven additional 100+ km rides, and a further fifteen rides that were at least 50-milers.  I also increased my total miles ridden in 2007 to  3530. 

I cannot imagine what a 200k ride would have done to me "back then". 


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