Saturday, February 26, 2011

Irregulars: Down-and-Up, Rinse, Repeat

A guest blog from IvaHawk:
Good Ride today of approximately 41 miles with the intent being that it was more hilly per mile than a "normal" ride.  Hats off to Boyce Mill and to Old Creedmore.  Those are two good hills. Attendees were:  Snapper, Tito, Ags, Mallet, BobH, Rapid Robert, IvanTheTerrible, Smitty, IvaHawk, and a lost Gyro named Sean.  Sean was a young guy and rode well usually with the lead group.  The lead group was usually those nine with me riding well, but nevertheless behind.  Harvey occasionally joined me because he threw his chain four times.  The worst was at the base of Boyce Mill where he came to an abrupt stop with Tito needing his quick reflexes to avoid a crash.
 Notice the double Ghoston at the end of the route.  One problem with that is the difficulty of turning left off Ghoston onto 98. I got stuck for two minutes.  I'm having trouble remembering much interesting things.  Lots of banter and bonhomie.  Wish you could have been there.
 I thought you would enjoy this pic of some Irregulars violating the visible color rules:
L to R:  Smitty, Snapper, Tito, IvaHawk, IvaN, Ags.
(No info available regarding accreditation.)  

Leave PUE,

R on MVC,
L on Old Creedmore,
R on Kemp,
R on 98,
R on Southview,
L on Kemp,
L on Coley,
R on 98,
R on Boyce Mill (be alert for loose gravel),
R on Old Creed,
L on Old Creed (to stay on Old Creed rather than Carp Pond),
R on Norwood,
R on Victory Church,
R on Carp Pond,
R on Old Creed,
L on Shooting Club,
R on 50 (Warning very dangerous crossing. EXTREME CAUTION !),
L on Nipper,
L on MVC,
R on Peed,
R on 98,
L on New Light,
L on Ghoston,
L on 98,
L on New Light,
L on Ghoston then Peed, MVC, back to PUE.
Robert shared his Gamin info:  click here 


  1. Lee and I rode the new and improved Pilot Mtn ride today.

    Very hilly, great views but not easy! Much nicer route than the old.

    I just need to cue sheet it. Saw about 10 other riders on the climbs.

    The guys that want to do Mitchell better get up there. Riding 40 miles of North Raleigh hills does not make one a mountain goat!

    Lt. Dave

  2. Totally agree with that last sentence 1st Lt. Mallet is going next Sunday. Some of us are going to try to make it. Please cue sheet the route. Iva