Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Lost, Just Misdirected or Instant Karma

It Made Me Laugh
Maybe You, Too, Will Laugh
But it is probably too "Inside Baseball" for any but "Irregulars" to appreciate.
Maybe too "Inside Baseball" for any but me to appreciate.

I was cleaning out old e-mail and found the report below, dated Sep-19-2010.
Met up with Robert B. and John A. shortly before 7 at PUE. Robert had 3 cue sheets to choose from. One was a 60 mile route that was similar to the route they had ridden recently, the other two were 75 mile routes. We ended up picking one of the 75 mile routes. Robert commented at the time that Martin had told him that one of the cue sheets had an error on it and he hoped this was not the one.
Rolled out of PUE a little after 7 and immediately saw 4 deer cross the street ahead of us. Later in the ride we would see a wild turkey and another four deer. Nice cool temps made the riding very pleasant. At the first county line i saw John growing fast in my mirror and took off. I thought we crossed it at the same time, but when Robert said whoever got it needed to be the one to write up the ride report John quickly conceded. Noticed yellow signs on the roads and guessed that they were for Ride Without Limits. Later got confirmation that they were indeed for that and the ride was going today.
Averaged about 17 mph to Franklinton taking turns pulling and pretty much staying in line. Stopped at mile 32 for a short break at a little country store just before the turn on to Kittrell Rd. Ags sampled the local breakfast food and after a taste, i wished i had too.
About 14 miles later we stopped for a quick break at the stop sign at the end of Gray Rock Rd and while we were sitting there a rider from RWL approached from the left. Just to our right was a sign indicating that 64 mile riders should turn there. As he passed we pointed out the sign and he u turned and headed that way. After further discussion we figured out that we had probably just shorted the guys ride. Oh well, life goes on.
We consulted the cue sheet, took a right on to Cannady Mill Rd and away we go. At the next intersection approximately the distance we were looking for there was no street sign. So we take our left turn and move on thinking we are on Philo White or as Robert likes to pronounce it Feelo White. We go about 2 more miles, and don't see Flat Rock Rd. We pass Antioch Rd on the right and keep rolling up and down some nice hills. About this time we are figuring we had missed a turn or something, but keep rolling. Eventually we end up at the end of Fairport Rd at the intersection for 96.
After consulting my trusty iphone gps app i am still lost, Robert rides across the street to the store where a local with good knowledge of the area points out that the cue sheet had us turn right onto Cannady Mill instead of left. I guess the mileage we took away from the RWL guy we more than made up for. By the time we get back to the intersection where we went wrong we had 10 bonus miles. If this was a punishment loop, what did we do to earn it, Martin? At the corner of Philo White and Flat Rock we again consulted the iphone (i can see Martin rolling his eyes now) and decided to short the route by continuing straight ahead to 96 and heading in.
We pretty much stayed in a line all day taking turns at the front. By the time we got to the bottom of Ghoston we were averaging 17.5 for the day. I decided to see what I could do on the last bit and took off. I think I did the three roads in about 15 minutes, but was able to raise my average speed to 17.6.
John and Robert rolled in a few minutes later. All in all a good ride with good company. 
Why did this strike me as funny? 
Because just a month earlier, Robert and John had been on this ride -- the "Bobbitt 'n Egypt Mtn" short-cut of the "Middleburg 100-miler".  If you check out the previous ride, you'll find a discussion of an almost wrong turn at the end of Egypt Mtn Road, and you'll also find this:
At Cannady Mill Rd, we discovered a real error in the cue sheet -- who creates those things, anyway?
One would think that Robert and John would have remembered that wrong-ness on the cue sheet -- after all, it had only been four weeks since they had joined in the merriment of joshing the cue-sheet-guy about his error.
Probably just goes to show that "if you're just following ... you don't know where you've been nor where you're at."

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