Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Est. Climbing: TrimbleOutdoors vs Garmin

I'm expecting to be doing something else this coming Saturday, Jun-11th, but ...

In preparation for our Summer Solstice Spectacular, the "guys" (which may include a "gal" or two) are planning to traverse a course we first rode in late November 2009

Other than serving as a "training ride", the other main appeal ought to be "Pizza in Stovall" while sitting in the gazebo.  However, we learned last year that the pizza is not served until at least 10:30, and as the "guys" are leaving from PUE at 0600 ... there will be no "Pizza in Stovall" for the Irregulars on Saturday.  Too bad.

Following is a Garmin stats embed from the ride in Nov-2009:

Compare the 5400 ft of climbing from the above Garmin embed to the climbing in the following "TrimbleOutdoors" embed.

The comparison speaks for itself.


  1. After checking about and around ... I think Smitty's Garmin's elevation / climbing estimator must have been on steroids during that Nov-09 ride.

    I will be interested to see what IvaHawk's Garmin reports for elevation / climbing stats after the ride this coming Saturday.

  2. Martin, I'll mount the Garmin right now. I used it to run on Tuesday so thanks for the reminder.

  3. Martin, For today's Stovall ride, my garmin stats said 2480 climbing which is much closer to Trimble's estimate.