Sunday, June 12, 2011

Robert asked ...

On Saturday, Jun-11th, while doing the Kerr Lake Loop Permanent, somewhere between Clarksville, VA and Stovall, NC, Robert started asking himself:

"Did I make a mistake last night?  How can I possibly ride 1200k when I can barely keep going on this 200k?"

I'm not sure what answer Robert was giving himself by the end of the ride, but I guar-an-tee you that his ride partner brooked no thought of anything other than a successful completion of the KLL.  And, although he has not completely re-found his legs, Robert can now claim to have ridden each of the "north Raleigh" permanents at least once.


  1. Martin, thanks for pulling me along the 130 miles yesterday...the heat from 1 to 5pm yesterday was brutal. I bet no other IR has seen an owl during a ride in the afternoon before. Robert

  2. I'm sure the location and event of the 1200k will inspire R^4 to greater heights... And beside he'll have Ags sucking his wheel and shouting encouragement.