Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jun-25: Stem-Mt.Energy-Grissom 100k

An Irregulars "Old Standard"

I cycled to the ride.
BobH cycled to the ride.
JohnD drove.
Gary + Wendy overslept, and no-show.

Most of the "surfer dudes" went to the beach.
Likely to beat the crowds next week.

The [shudder] golfer dude went golfing.  I think.

Lt. Dave and Ricochet, having missed last week's ride, went a'whirlin' this week.

Everyone else lived up to the name of the crew.
(See the blurb below the "name plate" at the top.)

Cool morning for June 25th in central NC.
Stopped in Creedmoor, at Southern States, about 0810, to refill water bottles.
Paused in Stem six miles later to check out "the mayor's store".
Which has been sold to the owner of the "Pizza in Stovall" store.
Store fully restocked again.
Did not check out the RR.  I presume it is the same as always.  Maybe worse.

BobH and JohnD carrying the vast majority of the conversation.
The two Michiganders had significant things in common from childhood.

The "three Hayes roads" went by almost unnoticed.
JohnD, in particular, has done too many recent mountain rides
To be phased by anything the three Hayes can throw at him.

The climb on Horseshoe Rd up to Trent Rd always gets me.
But not as badly as it used to.

Lawrence Rd climb slowed me, but not Bob nor John.
A short break in Grissom.

I ran out of steam on Bruce Garner.
Bob and John had plenty left and rode off in to the sunset.
Well ... you know.

Ride finished at 1125.
I had assured the entire crew, in the blast "rider-call", that we'd be done by 1130.

En route, BobH and I discussed that we hadn't done this route for 14 months.
We used to do it a lot more.
But ... we ride farther now, and this ride no longer seems the EPIC it once did.
It is still a nice ride, with some climbing, although Trimble probably underestimates.

BobH cycled home.
JohnD drove home.
I cycled a circuitous route back to pick up some extra miles.
That was probably a mistake.

---> PUE:  Stem-Mt.Energy 100k  --->; 90.7 m.; 5h,57m in-motion; 15.2 mph.

Q-1 tot: _23 rides; _1822.2 m.; 123 hrs, 05 min; 14.8 mph.
Apr tot: __7 rides; __793.8 m.; _52 hrs, 28 min; 15.1 mph.
May tot: _10 rides; __894.1 m.; _63 hrs, 45 min; 14.7 mph.
Jun tot: _11 rides; __848.4 m.; _56 hrs, 33 min; 15.0 mph.
YTD tot: _51 rides; _4358.5 m.; 282 hrs, 57 min; 14.9 mph.


  1. fun was had by one and all especially the "smack-down" on the guy that tried to blow by us on Bruce Garner/New Light. Half way down New Light at 20+ mph I noticed John's tool kit hd come unzipped and his money was about to fall out. I was able to execute a "Martin-like" move andzip it up while cruising along.
    You will have to ask John about his new admirer that tailed him for the last 2+ miles !!!

  2. Down MVC from Peed. Car on tail. Pull to far right. Car on tail.
    Slow starting up MVC. Car on tail.
    More cars behind Car on tail.
    Horns start blowing at Car on tail.
    Slowing on MVC. Car on tail.
    Cars with horns blow past Car on tail.
    Stop sign at top of MVC. Car on tail goes past - no eye contact.
    Car must like tail.

    John D

  3. You funny man, JohnD.
    I'm confident that that incident was NOT funny at the time.


    I thought maybe Bob was refering to himself as your new admirer ... as in you dragged him in, Snapper-style, to the finish from somewhere on New Light Rd.


  4. Actually, I tried to stay in front of John from MVC to give him more "tail" time with his admirer. Scary when someone has 2+ miles to pass you and won't. I will let John have this admirer!