Monday, June 13, 2011

Open Note to RichardR 6985

Richard, having no "private" means to communicate to you, but knowing that you have read this blog at least once ...

Next time you're getting bored of the flat-flat-flat of and around Wilmington, I suggest you look into these RUSA Permanents that start in or about the "Triangle":

Kerr Lake Loop (this is the route Robert and I did on Saturday),
Carthage Coffee Run (I've not done this route, but it has to be less flat than Wilmington),
Yanceyville Ramble (I've not done this route, either, but it is NOT flat near Yanceyville),
Leesville-Leasburg-Leesville (hill after hill after hill).

If you're up for a trip to the "Triad", you might try these:

Sauartown 200k (I can attest this is interesting, even if I did DNF),
Natty Green 200 (I've not done that route), and
Danbury 205k (I've not done that route).

You might also be interested in this route which is similar to the middle 200k of Alan's NCBC Morrisville 400 km Brevet.  I've ridden Alan's 400 twice, but I've never done this route, so I cannot write from personal experience (however, there aren't a lot of road choices through the Uwharries):

Siler City Express.

There are also several non-flat Permanent Populaires (100 - 199 kms) in the Triangle and the Triad that may appeal to you.  You may be able to combine one or more of them with one or more of the 200k Permanents to make a weekend get-away from the flat of Wilmington.  I am confident that you'll be able to find the information about all the North Carolina Permanents on the RUSA website.

Also, it can be useful to join the NC rando list-serve / Yahoo group.  The easiest way (that I know) to find that is to go to MikeD's Research Trailer Park blog (there is also a link in the right sidebar) and look in Mike's right sidebar for the link to the ncrandoncyclists.  I am confident that you can figure out how to join that list-serve group ... after all, I managed to join, and Branson probably only had to give me a lot of help via e-mail (as opposed to a LOT of help) ... and you figured out how to join an Irregulars ride without any help from anyone, so ... .

Of course, should you want to come along for another Irregulars ride, contact me (I told you my e-mail address on Saturday, but if you don't recall it, sending a message to the NC rando list-serve will work).  Oh, yeah, I should mention that this coming Saturday, Jun-18th, the Irregulars are celebrating the Summer Solstice by doing a non-RUSA, non-credit, no-sag group ride from north Raleigh via Youngsville and Louisburg to the Whirligig Farm near Lucama -- that ride will not be as hilly as the "Stovall, and a Mountain" ride, but will be hillier than Wilmington.  I previously made an open invite to local randonneurs ... see the 2011 Summer Solstice page [edit Jun-28-11:  ride completed, the temporary "page" deleted] ... contact via e-mail at least a couple days before the ride is highly recommended.

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