Monday, November 19, 2012

Nov-17: Hope Springs Eternal 140-km Perm-Pop

Not much to type.
Headwind outbound.
At least it was sunny.
Tailwind inbound.
But high, thin, milky clouds blocked much of the heat of the sun.

Learned that Wayne + I have one cycling friend in common.
Due to past MS-150 experiences.
We chatted about MS-150 experiences for quite a while / distance.  
(Probably know more than one person from MS experiences, but we didn't go into it.)

Don't know what Wayne + Mick might have chatted about.
Couldn't really hear through the wind.
Don't recall what Mick + I chatted about.
Well ... I do recall Mick mentioning the traffic.

55 minute stop in Spring Hope.

The view from the Fowler Rd ridge-line was nice. 
Perry's Pond looked good.
Next week, the Party-Pop riders will have the opportunity to see both -- twice.
My favorite spot for views remains along Paul Sledge Rd.
Next week, the Party-Brevet riders will have the opportunity to see -- twice.
(They'll also see the same things the Party-Pop riders see.) 

We set a new record for longest elapsed time on this course. 

I seem to be losing what little "edge" of fitness and speed that I had. 
I think I need more rides that are about doing the ride.
Rather than riding somewhere to eat.

--> Hope Springs Eternal 140-km Perm-Pop -->; 105.1 m.; est. 6h57 in-motion; 15.1 mph; HSE elapsed time:  7h45.

Q-1 tot: _22 rides; 1,610.3 m; 108h42; 14.8 mph; _1947 RUSA kms
Q-2 tot: _29 rides; 2,711.5 m; 182h48; 14.8 mph; _2700 RUSA kms
Q-3 tot: _32 rides; 2,958.9 m; 197h17; 15.0 mph; _2983 RUSA kms
Oct tot: _10 rides; __868.8 m; _58h45; 14.8 mph; _1089 RUSA kms
Nov tot: __5 rides; __518.3 m; _34h11; 15.2 mph; __662 RUSA kms.
YTD tot: _98 rides; 8,667.8 m; 581h43; 14.9 mph; _9381 RUSA kms

After this ride, I have 99 career rides that are / were at least 100-miles long.  I'll get one more 100-plus-miler this year (if'n I stay alive, my equipment doesn't fail, etc., etc., etc.).

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