Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Dark Monster

According to the US Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications, Raleigh, NC: 

Sunrise Sunday, Nov-11 -- 6:47 am.  Civil twilight -- 6:20 am.  
Sunset Sunday, Nov-11 -- 5:10 pm.  Civil twilight -- 5:37 pm.

Yes, it is definitely the time of the year that, when doing a 200+ km ride, I, and many others in the NC-rando community, race "the dark monster" from the first pedal stroke.  Just keep pedaling, and no messing around at controls.

Each permanent from now until at least early March-2013 will be a repeat of the "race".

That's pretty much part of the deal here.  In the summer, back-off the pace to help stay cool.  In the winter, no messing around.

If I were in certain parts of the country (+ world), I wouldn't need to race the dark-monster.
There would be no way I could beat it.

In certain other parts of the country, I wouldn't need to race the dark-monster, either.
Because I wouldn't ride in the conditions prevalent in those parts.

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