Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Return of Iva "the Hawk"

Since mid-August, Iva has been on a reduced athletic programme.
Today was perfect for his second outdoors ride in nearly three months.

Iva, "Mallet", Iva's spin class friend ShaneB and I met at PUE at 1000.
Actually, we need to talk to Shane.
We leave at the designated time -- NOT we arrive at the designated time.
However, with the temp nearly 60F by 1000, it mattered not.

The parking lot at PUE is protected from most winds by trees and burms.
In autumn temps, early morning breezes, and plenty of sunshine,
It is almost perfect -- as in "I don't need to move from here for HOURS" perfect.

We did a standard route of many groups and individuals that gather and start their rides from PUE.
To "the marina" via Carpenter Pond, Doc Nichols and of course Baptist roads.

The Mallet and I led most of the way to "the marina".
I noticed no climbs nor any negative stuff.
The chatting overwhelmed all.

Iva and Shane were likewise engaged in "serious" conversation just behind us.
Perhaps they noticed no climbs nor any negative stuff.

It was a glorious day!
Especially if one was in the direct sunlight.
The sunshine was stronger than the slight breezes that occasionally were in our face.
The sunshine and warmth overpowered any chilly moments in shaded places.

We took a break at the edge of Falls Lake, deep into the state recreational area. 
Surrounded on three side by the water.
The lake looked good, but no one wanted to take a swim.
Something about the likely chill in the water.

I should mention that another cyclist was stopped at the same vantage point when we arrived.
I-pod ear-plugs in place and in his own little world.
I tried to attract his attention as we approached the picnic table at which he sat.
Apparently the music was too loud or his concentration too great.
He heard not our "hello's".
But a minute or two later, he was quite startled to find four others standing within a few feet.

After several minutes, we started our trip back to PUE, intending to retrace out path exactly.
But on the incline on Carpenter Pond, approaching Hickory Grove Rd,
Iva acknowledged that he'd like to back off the pace a bit.
And when I suggested we take the alternate route back, and remove a couple climbs,
He jumped on the idea.

Iva ended up leading the line on Norwood Rd.
I think because the Mallet and Shane, esp. the Mallet, were intent on making a wrong turn.
Settled in behind Iva, I noticed that he seemed to be working a bit harder than seemed necessary.
So I went around, telling him to suck my wheel.

And of course, suffering from short-term memory loss, or having a short attention span,
I forgot why I had taken the lead, and immediately upped the pace.
I watched the shadow beside / behind me, and kept hoping that it was Iva.
I'm reasonably confident that Paul and Shane would have backed off their paces
And stayed with Iva had I drifted off the front.
But we all stayed together, getting in a good loosening up of the legs on Norwood Rd.

That is my story, anyway.  I'll be sticking to it.

--> PUE:  "the marina" and back -->; 50.7 m.; 3h04 in-motion; 16.5 mph.  
Q-1 tot: _22 rides; 1,610.3 m; 108h42; 14.8 mph; _1947 RUSA kms
Q-2 tot: _29 rides; 2,711.5 m; 182h48; 14.8 mph; _2700 RUSA kms
Q-3 tot: _32 rides; 2,958.9 m; 197h17; 15.0 mph; _2983 RUSA kms
Oct tot: _10 rides; __868.8 m; _58h45; 14.8 mph; _1089 RUSA kms
Nov tot: __2 rides; __156.5 m; _12h38; 15.1 mph; __210 RUSA kms.
YTD tot: _95 rides; 8,340.5 m; 560h10; 14.9 mph; _8929 RUSA kms.


  1. Good report, Martin. The level of intensity was just what I needed at this point in my recovery. It's funny how spin classes don't map perfectly to riding outside.

    1. gosh, you even remembered your ID and password !? LOL.