Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NC Rando Math -- Part 4

414  =  Sauartown-200k  +  Carolina-Crossroads

414  =  Egypt-Mtn  +  Triple-L


Q,:  What's the point of all the "math lessons"?

A.:  Since mid-August, I've been targeting a specific RUSA km total.  Everything was planned down to the last kilometer.  Then, a few things happened:

Then, everything settled down for the November and December plan.  Until:
  • the NC-rando-year-end-party-pop got listed / credited for 111-kms, 
  • even though the Black-Knight-of-County-and-State-Line-Dashes had assured me the credit would be 100-kms. 
  • To see what that has done to my plan, click here

Lessons learned?
  • My plans never work out. 
  • Previous plans never seemed to work out; why should this one have worked out? 
  • It is good to have a multiple permanents, with similar, yet slightly different official distances. 
  • Friends are great, but they can mess you up -- don't tell them your plans. 
I WILL get to my goal for the year.
I just wish I knew for-absolutely-sure what the credit for the party-pop will be.

Sigh .....................................

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