Saturday, December 8, 2012

Angst -- NOT

I know I've been doing this sport wrongly ... because I've never made a post such as follows.

I haven't ridden in 7 days.
Tomorrow, at the ride start, it will 7 1/2.
I'm doing a 210-km perm tomorrow.
My legs feel tired right now.

7 days, no cycling. 
I'm sure I've lost all my in-shapeness.
I've likely lost all my (what passes for) pace.
I've probably become fat.
I'm not sure what is in the handle-bar bag.
I haven't pumped up the tyres, yet.
I haven't picked my kit for tomorrow.
At least I don't have to fret over which bike to ride -- I only have one.

I haven't been able to find my long-fingered gloves yet this season.
I haven't been able to find my glove liners yet this season.
Where are the jersey work gloves?
Do I have a couple bread-bags to I can use to provide a wind-break over the gloves?

I also need to take a couple bread-bags with me to use as
Official lantiseptis application devices (in case I need to apply more mid-ride).

I think I used my last good spare inner tube.
I hope the patch kit is in the saddle bag.

I wonder if the spare tyre in the handle-bar bag is good enough for 100-miles.

Will JP try to ride too fast for me.
If he does, I'll grab and toss his cue sheet.
That'll slow him down.

That last doesn't sound like angst.

I obviously am not good at this worrying thing.

Tomorrow, I'll get on the bike with two jelly sandwiches in the pockets,
Not PBJ as I'm out of PB,
With a couple dollars for a couple receipts,
And a pen for the info controls,
And I'll have the cards and group-waiver as it is my route.

I'll ride a few miles in the dark to the start.
Then (hopefully) three of us will have a good time.

That's how I do these rides.
I just get on the bike and ride.

It has worked for the distances up to 600k.

I'm sure, that if I'm ever able to attempt a 1000 or a 1200,
That I'll have to plan more than I usually do.

Amyway, Egypt Mtn tomorrow.
10-thousand RUSA kms for the year will be passed about 6-miles from the finish.

Wonder when I'll be able to fit a Bahama Beach pop this month.
P-12 awaits.

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  1. Congratulations on attaining official 10K hound status. Based on finishing times, looks like you did all right on the EM permanent.