Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals: 2013 Cycling Goals

This time of year, people start asking about, explaining and writing about their goals for the next year.

My friend Robert has come up with a list of possible goals for next year:  some rando, some non-rando.  The list is about as long as my arm, which is slightly longer than his arm.  I think he is planning on paring the list down a bit.
My friend BobB asked me about my goals for next year near the end of last weekend's Bahama Beach Bash.  Bob explained that he was scaling back his goals for 2013 as compared to 2012.
  • only 2 SR's instead of three;
  • all within North Carolina (and maybe Virginia); no traveling to Georgia, etc.; 
  • (if I heard correctly) no 1200.

I explained that my 2013 goals would be the same as they have been for several years:

 1.  Stay Alive.  Unless or until that is no longer preferable to the alternative.

That freaks some people out.  Bob did not visibly flinch.  I explained the meaning behind that.  He understood.  Many probably would not; but I'm not going to write it -- I might, repeat might, explain in person.

 2.  Have F.U.N.

That seems self-explanatory.  Whether rando or Irregular or solo or whatever -- have fun.


Late in 2009, I realized that I could surpass 6000 miles in a year for the first time.  Then I realized that I could get to 10-thousand kilometers (6214-miles) with a little determined effort -- a couple friends dragged me through the last 38-or-so-mile ride.  Chasing and attaining that goal, with the help of quite a few Irregulars, was a lot of fun -- or at least I look back on it with a lot of fondness. 

In 2010, I had a third goal before the year started (and actually a fourth came along during the year).  The third goal was to complete an SR.  I came up about 75-miles short due to a shorts / private-parts interface issue.  The fourth goal came along after the first of the year:  ride the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I did do that. 

In 2011, I did complete an SR.  The highlight of that was helping my friend Robert qualify for PBP.

And, obvious to anyone that reads this silly blog, in 2012, a goal developed during the year.  10K-exact-Hound.  That didn't work out.  But I did attain 10K-Hound status.  And was along for the ride when two other friends attained 10K-Hound status.

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