Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dec-15: Mt. Bethel + a Little Mtn Perm-Pop

Actually, 'Bahama Beach,' a 'free route.'
But I rode the standard route -- for only the second time since morphing to 'free route' status.

Mt. Bethel is the original name of the Bahama area.
Near Stem, Little Mtn Rd connects Range Rd to Old-75. 

Lake Michie was as full as I've seen it.
Today, I have to agree with NC-2011-Randonneuse-of-the-Year Janis:
I should have named the route 'Bahama Bridge.'

Byron and Ricochet did Byron's LLL 205-k perm today.
I was supposed to join them, but -- the simplest explanation is -- I overslept.

Luckily, I am currently on pretty good terms with the Bahama Beach route-owner, and
I was able to negotiate a last-minute ride.

I noticed, not for the first time, the little cow-barrel cousin of the one on Alan's 2, 3 + 400 brevet routes.
I think that Byron or Ricochet or I should be sure to take a photo next time we pass that way.

Coming off a 2-week lingering head cold, it is probably a very good thing I missed the LLL hill-fest.
Bahama Beach offered plenty enough climbing for me today, thank-you very much.

4h40 elapsed time.
4h26 in-motion --> rather slow, but, hey, I'm coming off a 2-week head cold hiatus!
3-minutes to take a photo near the control in Bahama Mt. Bethel.
 - I may post the photo later -- or just share with one person -- probably the latter. 
7-minutes at the control in Stem.
4-minutes when half-way up the Lawrence Rd climb to chat with a couple of old-timers,
(You understand "old-timers," right?  One was my age; the other a bit older.)
They flagged me down to chew the fat while the older one completed splitting a "tree-stump."
Their pick-up truck's rear was full to overflowing with well-seasoned wood for heat.
Anyway, they were the highlight of the ride.
People, you understand, yes?

This ride made P-24-continuous for me.
Also, 58 consecutive months with at least one ride of any sort that was at least 100-kms in length.

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  1. Oh, one other thing: with today's RUSA kms, I am now slightly more than 3/4 the way around the world.