Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec-28: 'No-Name' Route

Well, the Range Road Rover Holiday tradition made it 5-years, but in this, the wannabe 6th year, when it appeared that it would be only IvaHawk and me, and Iva indicated that he hadn't ridden anything close to 65-miles for a few months, we scaled back to the 47-mile Creedmoor-Grissom route.  

When Ricochet showed at the last moment, dragging some TLC riders, we stuck to the 47-mile plan.  The TLC people were doing a much shorter around-the-lake ride.  

As we approached Creedmoor, Robert asked if we should take the short-cut through the neighborhood.  Shocked as we were that Robert had remembered the short-cut, IvaHawk & I agreed.  However, when we got to NC-50 to cross over to Dove Rd, we realized that we were now doing the "wrong" course, and that we weren't going to get anywhere near a 50-mile ride (which had become Iva's goal).  We managed to talk Robert into riding up Beaver Dam / Rock Spring Ch Rd to Bruce Garner and adding 6-miles back on to the unintentionally shortened route.  You won't be surprised to learn that Robert was quite willing to ride UP the 4-mile detour.  

The resulting route, though it's been ridden before, has never been named -- thus the title of this post.

We three had a good time.  But unless people come out of the woodwork to do RRR on Monday or Tuesday, the RRR Holiday tradition will have passed. 

-->  PUE: CarpPond-DocN-Creedmoor-Dove-RockSpringsCh-G-P-MVC  -->; 60.8 m.;  4h02 in-motion; 15.0 mph.   

Q-1 tot: _11 rides; _940.3 m; _64h42; 14.5 mph; 1275 RUSA kms.
Q-2 tot: _18 rides; 2293.9 m; 158h18; 14.5 mph; 3142 RUSA kms.
Q-3 tot: _19 rides; 2027.8 m; 134h34; 15.1 mph; 2383 RUSA kms.
Oct tot: __3 rides; _366.6 m; _24h16; 15.1 mph; _348 RUSA kms. 
Nov tot: __5 rides; _482.3 m; _33h11; 14.5 mph; _724 RUSA kms. 
Dec tot: __4 rides; _342.2 m; _23h21; 14.7 mph; _416 RUSA kms.
YTD tot: _60 rides; 6453.1 m; 438h25; 14.7 mph; 8288 RUSA kms. 
xxx, yyy, zzz. 

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