Friday, June 27, 2014

Jun-24: Two Turtle Rescue 104

Two turtles rescued on the ride
Just as the (northbound) climb from the Tar River begins to level off. 
I suspect it was the same turtle as the location was the same.
One rescue outbound.  One rescue inbound, about 70 minutes later.

I'm wondering if it might have been one of the turtles Lynn rescued outbound last Tuesday.
Started at 0545 officially, 0547 actually.
Got to Oxford control at 0748/9.
Left Oxford control at 0758; 
Then promptly had to wait a minute for traffic so I could get on US-158.
Had to wait nearly 2 minutes to make the "turn" onto Peed Rd.
Finished at 1001 for a 4h16 time.

About 1:59:30 in-motion outbound.
About 2:00:00 in-motion inbound.
I like that.
Lost my cadence on Lawrence Rd, and had to regather myself after the steep part of that was over. 
Lost my cadence because I was getting a bit tired.
Worked Ghoston.  Somewhat worked Peed.  Took it easy on MVC.
Putzed on the 6.7-mile commute back to the house, taking 28+ minutes in-motion.
I have taken as many as 33 minutes in-motion for that commute home.

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