Monday, June 30, 2014

Jun-27: Oxford 104

Thought of TammieN and BobB this morning while outbound on the "Bay Leaf - Oxford - Bay Leaf" 104-km pop.

I thought I was moving quickly (for me), but couldn't really tell since the bleeping new confuser wasn't working. Was thinking that this newish "Oxford" route was my new "cadence / time-trial" route (since I can't fit my old 30-miler "cadence / time-trial" route into the schedule), and that led me to thinking about what it takes to make the bike go faster.

Obviously, being in shape helps.
But mostly I think it might be attitude.
I settled on "calm intensity" as a mental approach / attitude.

And "calm intensity" made me think of Tammie & Bob at last year's Taste of Carolina 1200 AND Tammie's "positive negativity."
Oh, yeah, for Fixie Pixie:  I finished my ride by 10 am, showered, dressed and checked email and other internet / computer stuff by 11:30 -- with the entire day yet to come! Yippee! (No more riding today. 138k, likely solo, tomorrow.) 

(1) commute to ride:  5.6-m., 0h22 in-motion, 15.2-mph; 
(2) outbound:  32.35-m. (52-kms), 2h06 in-motion, 15.4-mph; I thought I had been riding faster than that
(3) inbound:  32.35-m. (52-kms), 1h54 in-motion, 17.0-mph; very happy with that
(4) commute home:  6.7-m., 0h28 in-motion, 14.3-mph.

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