Monday, June 30, 2014

Jun-28: Grey 138

Heavy overcast and high humidity on the playground.

Originally expected an easy solo ride, but that gave way to a nearly all-out effort,
Trying to whip myself into shape.

Fastest I've ever gotten to the first control,
Allensville Store at 42.3-miles in 2h46 (virtually no pauseage time).
6-minutes at the control.
I rode hard for the 12.8-miles to the Berea control.
Thinking I might catch the 3-fast-crew,
Or even jump past them if I short-stopped the "inside" control,
While they long-stopped the "outside" control.
No luck at that -- they'd gone on before I got there.

Pushed on to Culbreth, Stem and Creedmoor.
Slowed for a minute or two in Creedmoor,
And I think I lost cadence somewhere between Creedmoor and New Light Rd.

I WORKED the Ghoston and Peed Rd climbs, but
Eased up the the final climb on Mt. Vernon Ch Rd.
Still managed a PR on the course by 4-minutes.

Oh, the fast-crew finished 20-minutes before me.
Fun day.
But I certainly was tired after riding hard two mornings in a row.

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