Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sep-08: Short Shake-Down Ride

I had planned to do "big miles" over the Labor Day weekend.  That did not happen because I somehow managed to strain my right leg / knee on Dean's Tarheel 200 on Saturday.  Instead of doing MikeD's Black Creek 200 on Sunday and another 100 km JRA on Monday ... I rested the knee.

But I HAVE to get some miles on my new shoes to try to break them in somewhat before next week.  

Little to no knee pain, today.

Anyway, a ride on the "TT" course with a pretty stiff SW wind slowing the pace considerably on CarpPond and on the upslope of Coley.  21 mph down Coley with a tailwind ... well under 15 mph up Coley into the headwind.  At least that could be called "serious hill training" or even "mtn training" today.  (You'll notice I only did Coley once, not twice ... no need to go overboard.)

Oh, I did the last 10.2 miles from Virgil / CarpPond (after going up Virgil with pizzaz!, btw) in 32 minutes.  All me.  No tailwind.   

If you believe that ... have I got some deals for you!

BJP:  Coley-DocN-Kemp-Virgil; 37.0 m.; 2 hrs, 16 min in-motion time; 16.3 mph. 

Q-1 tot: 16 rides; __938.2 m.; _60 hrs, 39 min; 15.5 mph.
Q-2 tot: 31 rides; 2,263.3 m.; 151 hrs, 29 min; 14.9 mph.
Ju1 tot: 13 rides; __786.9 m.; _52 hrs, 36 min; 15.0 mph.
Aug tot: _9 rides; __649.9 m.; _40 hrs, 45 min; 15.9 mph.
Sep tot: _2 rides; __162.8 m.; _10 hrs, 20 min; 15.7 mph.
YTD tot: 71 rides; 4,801.1 m.; 315 hrs, 52 min; 15.2 mph.
Btw, on Saturday's Tarheel 200, Sridhar told me that if I was really serious about credit / no-credit on RUSA rides not really mattering, that I would stop recording the mileage, time, and avg pace of my rides on this blog.
Well ... here is a better response than I made to Sridhar on Saturday:  Completely different, Sridhar.  Mileage and pace has nothing to do with RUSA credit / no-credit. 
Hmmn.  Maybe that is a worse response.

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