Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cause of Two Flats on the 600

Two Flats Separated by 19 Minutes of Cycling.  Why?

One flat ... blame it on the tube.  But check the tire and rim.
Two flats ... blame it on the tire.  Carefully check the rim.  Use back-up tire.

I finally got up the gumption to carefully examine the tire which had the two flats.
A tiny piece of glass, or a tiny, sharply pointed pebble.
Not quite embedded in the surface of the tire.

It fell out and disappeared in the grass beneath my feet as soon as I touched it.
Very slight pin-prick on the inside of the tire.
I can probably "boot the tire" with a patch from the "old-fashioned" tube-glue-patch kit.

Knowing where the tire had been pricked, it was easy to find the hole in the tube.
Used last patch from the kit to patch the tube.
Aah, that hole seems fixed.

What the heck?  Another, bigger hole?
Two or three inches from the previously identified hole, now repaired.
On the side-wall !  Right on / in the seam !?

The probability of a patch there holding ...
Gasket fodder.
I know at least one mechanic that will approve of ... "gasket fodder."

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