Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morrisville 600 -- SRs by the Numbers

For the official results for Alan's 600 km brevet ... go to the RUSA website.

The day after the brevet, MikeD posted congrats to all who had just earned their SR.
Gosh, Mike has been posting a LOT lately.
I had to dig three pages deep to find a post from only 10 days ago.
It is as if it were "Bike to Blog-Post Month".

Anyway, Mike's post had piqued my interest: 
How many had earned ACP SR?
How many had earned ACP SR for the first time, ever?
From talking to RBA Alan after the ride, I knew that all that started, had finished. 
(100% completion.  A record never to be broken, I'm sure.) 
I didn't know how many had earned their 2011 ACP SR pin.
But I knew how to find out.

Here are some things I mined out of the data (from the RUSA results page(s)):

38 starters.  (35 on the designated date; 3 did the "worker's ride.")
38 finishers.  (35 on the designated date; 3 did the "worker's ride.")

By the end of the Morrisville 600:
32 of those had earned ACP SR (some had their 2011 ACP SR prior to the ride).
2 more had completed a RUSA SR, and qualified for P-B-P.

Of the remaining 4:  three need only one particular brevet to get their ACP SR this year.
Knowing all three, I am confident they will soon earn their 2011 ACP SR pin.
Well, Byron may have some difficulty if Finn keeps bringing home new germs every other week.
Sara and Gary, now making up 1/2 the Maine RUSA pop'n, have, so far, been weather delayed.
I met the fourth (Eli) during the ride, but I don't know his plans ... will he SR this year, too?
Only time will tell.

Okay, now for the real payoff:
How many people earned their first ever ACP SR by completing this year's Morrisville 600?
Eleven.  11. 
One (1) additional rider earned a RUSA SR for his first ever SR.  (He also qualified for PBP).

Of those 11 + 1, six (6) + one (1) are new to randonneuring this year.
In reverse order of their RUSA numbers:
David, Todd, Brent, Edward, Thai, Denis  +  "Ricochet Robert". 

Three of the remaining five first-timers have only been randonneuring for two to four years.
Martin, Kim, Chloe.
The other two first timers, have been randonneuring for half-a-dozen years or longer.
RobD, GaryW.

Some other stats:

The 38 starters / finishers have a combined total of 108 ACP SRs, plus a further 6 RUSA SRs.
(All within a single calendar year; I did not check for RUSA SRs that bridged years.)

Most ACP SRs by a single person:  12.  (Includes up to three in three consecutive years.)
By ChrisK.  An-e-mahl.  (Also a nice guy -- I met him after the ride.)
Not his brother Kevin. 

Second most ACR SRs by a single person:  7.
Branson and KevinK.  An-e-mahls each.  (Each is also a nice guy.)
Kevin also has a RUSA SR.  (RAAM finishes will not be addressed here.)

Most ACP SRs without doubling or tripling up in any year:  6.
Jerry.  An-e-mahl.  (Also a nice guy.)

Longest gap (in years) between ACP SRs:  8.
Raleigh RBA Alan.  2002 - 2010. 
Terry A..  2003 - 2011. 

I've never met Terry, but he appears to be very "French" about his randonneuring.
That is, every four years, he does an SR and qualifies for PBP.
I don't know, but I suspect he is at least a double PBP ancien.

Alan was off the bike for quite a while after being hit by a car in 2002.
If I recall correctly, he did nothing over 300k until last year.
Last year, with some encouragement from some friends, ACP SR.
Again this year.

I've seen Alan "throw his leg over."
He obviously LOVES cycling and randonneuring.
And ... he is clearly one tough hombre.
Or, to be consistent with above:  An-e-mahl.
(I smile every time I hear Alan laugh.  It's worth making bad jokes just to hear that laugh.)
[Edit, Sep-14-2011:
  • Byron completed his 2011 SR. 
  • Sara and Gary completed their 2011 SRs, and started P-B-P. 
  • Eli has completed no RUSA rides since the 600. 
  • I have not tried to count who went to France. 
  • Or who completed PBP and who did not. 
  • I ought to. 
  • I've also have not counted who completed other 1200's, but perhaps ought to. 

Finally, the saddest note possible: 
  • Thai Pham, who did the Morrisville 300 + 600 for his 2011 SR pin, started P-B-P, but was killed in a collision with a vehicle on the road in France. 
  • I met Thai before the 300.  He was parked next to me, or one car over.  He asked about bicycle inspection.  We chatted about that and a few other things while I finished my pre-ride bike prep. 
  • Thai linked up with five others of us as we neared the turn-around of the 600 in Wilmington. 
  • Thai left White Lake the next morning with fellow NC randos BikerBob and DenisR, about an hour before I left White Lake with Ricochet and RobD.  White Lake was the last time I saw Thai. 
  • He was an incredibly nice and polite man. 
  • May his family find solace. 
  • May his soul rest in peace.]  

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