Friday, May 20, 2011

May-20: Testing Legs and Bottom

Oh My Gosh!  After three pedal strokes, "hey, this is really fun ... much better than having 375 miles in the legs."

Zip in the legs.  No bottom soreness. 

Feels good to go for tomorrow!

Rode to Gary's TLC-4-Bikes shop, to ask what he and Wendy plan to ride tomorrow.  To pass some time.  To have a short goal for testing the legs.  (Surprise! ... Gary was cleaing a bike when I got there.)

Saw IvaHawk, who brought Tracy's bike for some tender loving care. 

Gary had quite a trail of customers while I was there.  I tried convincing one woman that she really ought to have some tools with her on her bike, at least enough to change a flat, and a spare tube, and a way to inflate the replacement tube.  She has to come back next week to collect her bike ... I'll ask Gary the ultimate result after next week.

Rode bike as a "single-speed" 39/14 to Gary's shop (it's mostly downslope).  Didn't check the average when I got to the shop, but the legs felt really good.

Moved my saddle further back while mucking about.

Intended to ride the bike as a "single-speed" 39/15 on the return.  Forgot about the "single-speed" idea ... started using gears.  So ... a different training plan ... stand and dance up all the upslopes.

Net result ... fastest in-motion round-trip ever that included riding to or past Gary's shop.  (Currently fifth fastest ride this year ... behind a 104-miler, two different 200-km rides, and a 56-miler ... weird, huh?)

JRA to TLC-4-Bikes and back; 13.9 m.; 0h,53m in-motion; 15.7 mph. 

Jan tot: __9 rides; __671.4 m.; _46 hrs, 38 min; 14.4 mph.
Feb tot: __7 rides; __606.0 m.; _41 hrs, 18 min; 14.7 mph.
Mar tot: __7 rides; __544.8 m.; _35 hrs, 06 min; 15.5 mph.
Apr tot: __7 rides; __793.8 m.; _52 hrs, 28 min; 15.1 mph.
May tot: __4 rides; __509.8 m.; _34 hrs, 57 min; 14.6 mph.
YTD tot: _34 rides; _3125.7 m.; 210 hrs, 31 min; 14.8 mph.

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